Avid Juicy 3 Hydraulic Disc Brake Review

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Avid Juicy 3 Hydraulic disc brake is made for entry level XC mountain bikes but not suitable for serious riders who often ride bikes more than four times a week. It is an affordable disc brake with two piece caliper and two piston finish. Normally two piece caliper brakes are cheap to make but it does not mean that it is a cheaper brake. Juicy 3 is made with the stiff body but prone to damage in a crash. It is hard to source replaceable parts for Juicy 3 in the market when you really spoil the brake system in the crash. The lever is big and sufficient enough to handle brakes using one finger and the reach adjustment makes it easy to control your ride. This bike parts is still a bolted caliper and directly connected to the rotor. Few factory finished brakes comes with overfilled fluids that make the bleed simply uncomfortable. The casting of the caliper is little wider and of average quality.

Firm Performance

These Avid brakes are totally built to save cost and normally fitted with budget XC and trail bikes. It is pretty impressive disc brake that needs proper bleed if you feel the brake is little spongy and requires fine adjustment to get correct modulation of brake power. It gives a firm feel when you apply the brake and helps to produce consistent modulation on the trail. This mtb bike parts is easy to setup and maintain the ability to align the pads quickly with the rotor. The steel banjo bolt with the bleed screw is durable than soft caliber body with the bleed port so, it is easy to inject fluid and much easier to bleed. Once it is fixed the adjustment is hardly ever needed and it is kind of brakes that you set up and forget till it needed pad replacement.

Lever Pulsing and Noise Problem

Few riders face some problem with wider casting body of caliper which actually rubs against the spokes of the wheel but this issue is been discussed by the manufacturer. With different frame, geometry causes variation in post mount and this would make squeal noise problem. Making space between the rotor and the hub using rotor shim washer would probably avoid this problem and eliminate lever pulsing and noise. Quick caliper adjustment would also sort out this problem. Most of the riders who used Avid Juicy 3 faced some kind of weird problem and this is because they have the serious ride on rough terrain and expecting the brake to perform like in the downhill machine. Don’t expect this hydraulic disc brake to stand up to such punishments and finally you might feel even 160mm is a way underpowered. Once this Avid brake faces any damage it would produce inconsistent modulation and find difficult to lock up the rear wheel though you make any adjustments.

Performance in Wet Condition

Normally disc brakes are prone to damage when riding in wet condition due to rusting of brake pad metals and rotors. It was little difficult to change pads in Juicy 3 when the metal in the pads get corrosion but now the after sale brake pads have different metal plates and not vulnerable to rust. They are much better in performance giving space between the pads and the disk that totally eliminates noise when driving in wet condition. If the brake pads have cheaper compounds used it will wear fast. There are four types of brake pads available such as organic, sintered, ceramic and carbon. Sintered brake pad is used for the wet condition while organic is used for the dry condition and the remaining gives better variations in quality.

Usage Limitation

This bike parts can be fixed with the basic home mechanic and it is a kind of ‘it do it yourself’ braking system with minimal maintenance. Some time poor setup would cause the minor problem such as not able to lock up the wheel and unable to stop the bike quickly even though you ride the bike slowly. This problem will not become apparent until after a few rides. Riders must read the user manual before fixing up any problem. This avid brake is an average braking system made for trail riding and hard XC bike. Riders must know the limitation of this disc brake otherwise it will be the nightmare. It does not come with various other adjustments except one adjustment screw and you cannot dial them in just how you want them to perform.

Beginners who are looking for entry level bikes can make use of this hydraulic disc brake but amateur riders never buy them as an upgrade. After two months of the ride, this avid brakes definitely ask for adjustment due to constant rubbing of pads on rotors. It over heats to a point as it glazes brakes pads when subject to rough terrain. The brake pads will wear out quickly and the brake system needs constant adjustment and bleeding. Some riders over estimate this disc brake and try to ride down the vertical slope that really spoils the brake system. It got a decent modulation but don’t feel like Hayes 9 with on/off braking facility.

Normally this juicy 3 comes stock with entry level hardtail bikes or full suspension mountain bikes. The braking performance is fairly enough for non-downhill usage. All the riders who complain about this avid brake were amateurs and technical terrain riders who bought the desired full suspension or hardtail bike that comes with Juicy 3 as stock parts. For the price and setup, no other entry level disc brakes can beat Juicy 3 and it acts as a good alternative for V brakes.

Our analysis

These bike parts are not for riders who are going to be bombing the mountain. If you don’t have the big budget to spend on hydraulics then this disc brake would be the better investment. Finally, looking somewhere for long decent then better upgrade to higher quality brakes with great stopping power.

Avid Juicy 3 Hydraulic Disc Brake – Bike Parts Technical Specification Details

  • Manufacturer: SRAM
  • Brand Name: Avid Juicy 3
  • Bike parts: Hydraulic disc brake
  • Suitable rotor: 203mm, 185mm, and 160mm
  • Pad type: Organic
  • Caliper: 2 piece caliper with 2 pistons and aluminum finish
  • Body material: Aluminium
  • Lever: reversible lever, Aluminium body with reach adjustment
  • Weight: 404 gm
  • Fluid used: DOT 4

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