Bicycle Baskets Can Pack Some Punch

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You simply love the styling a bicycle basket provides

bicycle basket

What’s in my bike basket today?

For some it seems old-fashioned, but for others bicycle baskets are a fun addition. If you don’t care to wear a backpack or if you simply love the styling a bicycle basket provides, there are many options available to satisfy your needs. For many people, a basket provides a way for people to transport their dogs while on their bicycle. There aren’t too many things cuter than a puppy riding in a basket on a warm summer’s day! Other people use them to carry a few groceries home or to drop off some baked goods at a friend’s house.

A bicycle basket can be made of a variety of materials, but wooden and metal ones are most common. Be sure that the bars, whether they be wicker or metal, are not set too far apart. This will prevent things from falling out of your basket. The last thing you want is for your groceries or, heaven forbid, your dog to fall out. Also, make sure that your basket is fairly high. It obviously cannot impair your vision, but it should keep your items in place. This will also keep you safe because you won’t fall over in an attempt to keep something in the basket.

No matter what you do, do not ever leave any valuables in your bicycle basket. Just as you should never leave your bike unlocked, you should never leave valuables unattended. If you can’t risk losing it, chances are that you should not risk packing it around in a basket. Also, don’t pack items that are too heavy. This changes the weight ratio of the bike and can lead to tipping and other serious accidents. Bicycle accessories should enhance and not hinder your ride.