Bicycle Lights: Illuminate your riding experience

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Beginner cyclists often overlook the importance of having bicycle lights. A light on your bike is very important for a variety of reasons. Even if you don’t plan on riding at night, conditions at dawn and dusk can make lighting systems essential. Similarly, mountain bicycling can cause visibility issues especially in dense forests and heavy brush. Also, you improve your visibility to other vehicles on your path. No matter what type of cycling you intend on doing, be sure to invest in a quality piece of equipment.

Aura Bike Lighting System

When choosing such equipment, be sure that you don’t get one that’s too small. These may not provide you with enough visibility because they simply don’t cover enough of an area and they don’t give you a large enough field of vision. Get one that’s too big however, and you run the risk of blinding anyone coming your way. That may inadvertently cause accidents and make you a risk to other road traffic. Choose very wisely and speak to a local professional about what your best options are. You’ll have different needs depending on the type of biking you do and in what conditions you do it.

There are two ways to power your new equipment. You can either use batteries or a generator. A generator works by using the movement of your tires to power your equipment. This can be a bad thing because once you stop pedaling, you lose the ability to see others and have them see you. Batteries, on the other hand, obviously die and can leave you stranded. Consider both options carefully because this will be one of the most important bicycle accessories you buy.