Bicycle Tools Lend A Helping Hand

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Bicycle ToolsAny cycling enthusiast usually gets involved with the maintenance and repair of their equipment. Whether it be a money-saving tactic or simply a hobby, you’ll obviously need some bicycle tools. Even if you don’t plan on doing any maintenance yourself, you’ll need to carry some in case of an emergency during a ride. For a beginner, deciding what you need can be both overwhelming and frustrating. A little guidance is all you need to start getting involved with the care of your bike.

It is a good idea to carry Allen wrenches with you at all times. You should have a few sizes or, if possible, buy a kit with a variety of sizes. You’ll also need to carry some sort of a patch kit for tires. Getting a flat tire is something every cyclist will face at one point or another. Having a patch kit and knowing how to use it is probably one of the most important skills you’ll learn as a cyclist. Don’t forget to bring a pump along too! You’ll also want to carry a chain tool and a few screwdrivers.

With so many bicycle tools out there, and varying personal preferences, it can be hard to determine your specific needs. Ask other cyclists what they use and recommend. Also check with a reputable bike shop in your area. They might recommend an all-in-one bike tool, even though some experienced cyclists shy away from them, claiming that they don’t always work properly. You’ll find the bicycle accessories that meet your needs best with some time and practice.