Bike racks for cars

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Have you ever tried to carry your bikes somewhere using your car? It surely should have been a tough experience if you did not own a bike rack. Putting the bike on the back seat of a car never ends well. One might end up with a disfigured bike at the end of the journey. Additionally the car interiors might get damaged too. All this unnecessary hassle can be averted by installing a bike racks for cars.

You can find several type of bike racks for cars, they are built to serve different types of cars and also to suit the taste of different customers. It is the best way to carry bikes on small cars, trucks, SUV’s etc. It provides a safe and fast transport for your bike and you don’t need to think twice before carrying your bike with you. You can carry it to parks, hills and other places where you might want to practice or simply enjoy biking. It is very useful for excursionists, and nature lovers who can carry their road bikes to meeting points using their cars.

Various Types of bike racks

The type of car you own defines the types of bike racks for cars that you can buy. The number of bikes that you want to carry is another major factor that must be kept in mind before buying bike racks for cars. It would be wise to consult an expert before buying a bike rack for your vehicle. Few of the most common types of bike racks are:

Roof Mount bike racks

roof mount bike rack1. Roof Mount bike racks for cars are perhaps the most widely used bike racks. The reason for them being so common is simple. They can carry multiple bikes with ease. They are fixed over an existing base on the roof of the car. They can hold up to six bikes although this depends on the capacity of the car.

The user manual of the car must be consulted as different cars have various structures and all cars cannot support too much extra weight. One must be careful about the cars final height after piling on the bikes on the bike rack as an unskilled driver can forget it and get into trouble traveling through narrow roads with low overhangs. This is best suited for heavy duty trucks and SUV’s as they can easily support the weight of multiple bikes.

Hitch Mount bike rack

hitch mount2. Hitch Mount is another efficient way to carry bikes on a car. It saves a lot of space and looks better than the roof mount as in case of the roof mount the bikes look odd and increases the height of the car. The racks are latched onto the drawbar receiving tube or hitch tube. In some frames a rack is small protruding rack is provided on which the bike can be kept.

In case of other models the bikes need to be clamped on to the provided frame on the mount. There is no fear of scratches or marks on the cars body because the mount extrudes out and maintains safe distance. Most people carry a single bike on this type of racks but multiple bikes can be carried too.

Trunk mount bike racks

trunk mount bike rack3. Trunk mount racks for bikes are suitable for those people who cannot manage to fix roof mount and hitch mount on their car. These racks are very versatile and can be attached on any type of cars trunk. They can even be used on the flat back doors of SUV’s. It is the easiest bike mount among all the available bike racks for cars. These don’t require much time to be set up and are cheaper than the other alternatives. You can consider this type of mount if you want to use it as a temporary bike rack for your car as it is easily removable.

Spare Tire Mount bike rack

spare tire mount bike rack4. Spare Tire Mount is built for jeeps and SUV’s as they generally have a spare tire mount on the rear door. Best off all you can set it up over the spare tire and hence you can carry the spare tire along with your bikes. The other configurations of this mount are same as the Hitch mount system. They don’t cost much and are easy to remove. They are used to carry one bike but there are certain makes that support two or three bikes.

Truck bed mount bike rack

truck bed mount bike rack5. Truck Bed Mount is generally set up on open bed trucks. One can try to just pile on the bikes on the truck bed but it may result in many scratches or other impairments. A bike rack will ensure the safety of the bike and the truck. The bikes are fixed into the groves that are provided and they stand vertically on the rack. This can be used to carry many bikes depending on the size of the truck.

Few advanced features

There are many added features in many products that make them better than others. Many bike racks for cars have anti-sway cradles and cable locks that ensure the safety of the bike by not allowing them to move. Certain models of good companies like Thule have folding arms that can hold bikes at different heights. Bike and Hitch Locks, built-in cable locks etc. are useful features that further guarantee the safety of the bike.

Car bike racks manufacturers

1. Thule is a very well-known brand who produce exceptional roof and hitch mount bike racks. Thule ProRide 591 is a very good single bike carrier that provides locking claps. They have many models of Swing-Away Bike Racks who can support multiple bikes.

2. Yakima is a pioneer in the bike rack industry. They have a huge variety of bike racks that can provide solution for any car. Tilt-Away Racks can be used to carry up to 5 bikes and they have features like Anti-Sway mount, Bike and Hitch Lock etc.

3. Allen is a famous sports equipment company based on U.S.A who manufactures world class hitch and trunk mount bike racks for cars. The 645RR is one such deluxe hitch carrier that supports four bikes and can carry up to 140 LB. It is very easy to install and operate.