Bike tire pumps instructions

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If you have a bicycle, you need a floor pump at least or other portable bike pumps for a complement. There are some instructions for bike tire pumps.

1. Bike pump: don’t leave home without one

Ohuhu Mini Bike Pump

Ohuhu Mini Bike Pump

Inflating a tire properly is important to a bicycle. If your tire’s pressure is low or too high, it might be a disaster for your riding. Your comfort and safety are at taking both. Keeping your tires inflated before any riding. You really need a good quality floor pump at home to pump up your tires before leaving home. We highly recommend buying the floor pump Topeak Sport II Floor Pump .

You may find many types of bike tire pumps, like floor pumps, frame mounted pumps, mini pumps, even Co2 pumps. But remembering a floor pump at home is a wise idea. You can inflate your tires more easily and effectively. You also can buy other bike tire pumps if necessary.

2. Inflating your tires before any riding if necessary

Before you want to go out by bike, it’s a good habit to check your tires’ pressure. If the pressure is low, you must inflate your tires. In this situation, a floor bike pump can satisfy your need and works well.

However, if you have a long distance to ride, a portable bike tire pump is needed at hand. There is a wide range of portable bike tire pumps to choose from, like the frame mounted pumps, mini pumps, Co2 pumps and etc. You can choose one of them according to your need. Here, I want to say something about Co2 pumps. Co2 pumps don’t like floor pumps or other portable pumps. These devices have enough Co2 in the cartridges. A cartridge full of Co2 can inflate a single bike tire. You don’t need pumping like other pumps. You just simply attach it to your tire and squeeze the trigger of your tires. If the Co2 of the cartridge is empty, you need a new one, which will cost some bucks.

3. Make your tires inflate properly

An adequate inflation will make your ride more comfortable and safe. So it’s important to inflate your tires properly. If the pressure of your tires is not enough, you may have a flat, both damage to your tires and rims.

Before buying a bike tire pump, you should know what kind of valve is on your bike. There are two common valves: Presta valves and Schrader valves. Many bike pumps can work with well both Presta valves and Schrader valves. You should buy the bike tire pump can accommodate easily both Presta valves and Schrader valves. If the valve of your tires is not Presta valve or Schrader valve, you must choose the right bike tire pump for your tires.

While inflating your tire, check the pressure all the time. If the pressure is enough according to the recommended PSI listed on the inside of your tires, stop pumping.