Having kids that want to tag along on your bike ride isn’t a problem with the new kid-friendly transportation available – Bike trailers

bike trailer

Pacific Cycle InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

Bike trailers are used to transport everything from pets to equipment, and they can even be found on tandem bikes. Perhaps the most popular use for a bicycle trailer these days is to transport children. Trailers meant for bikes are a lot safer than the conventional child seats that sit on the back of bikes. If a cyclist is hit by a vehicle or falls from the bike, a child seat will also hit the ground. In most cases, however, a bike trailer will stay upright and keep the child safe. Even if it does tip over, there is a lot less distance between it and the ground.

When selecting a trailer, it is best to hit your local bike shop rather than a department store. Although your bike trailer might be a bit more expensive, those bought at bike shops have more safety features and knowledgeable staff to guide you. It’s obviously a good idea to get the safest trailer possible.

Consider how much weight you will be transporting. If you have twins, you will undoubtedly need a trailer that holds considerably more weight. Also, consider how long your children will be using the device. Just because they’re toddlers now, doesn’t mean that the bike trailer will be able to support their weight as they grow. Also, you want to make sure that each child has enough individual space. This will prevent squabbling and headaches!

Next, make sure that your trailer has a sturdy hitch. You don’t want your children separating from the bike while you are riding. The best hitch is the type that has a piece that permanently attaches to the bike. It seems these do the least damage to the bike frame. Do proper research before buying any trailer and don’t be afraid to take your kids along for the ride! A bike trailer will undoubtedly be one of the best bike accessories you buy.