Burley Recumbent Bike: Site Back and Relax

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Try on something new for cycling size. Why not venture into the world of burley recumbent bikes?

burley Recumbent Bike

Burley recumbent bikes are at the height of their popularity right now. A recumbent’s easy ride makes for a great biking adventure each and every time. The reclining position makes for a more comfortable ride and reduces stress on one’s knees. A burley recumbent bike also reduces wind resistance and makes for an easier ride with less effort.

Most people find that once they switch to a recumbent, they simply do not want to go back to conventional bikes. It is very difficult to fall off of a burley recumbent bike compared to a standard bike. This makes it especially safe for seniors and younger riders. No matter how safe though, helmets must always be worn when riding any bike. It is also much easier to brake using a burley recumbent bike in comparison to a regular bicycle. This in itself will enhance rider safety.

There are other positive things about burley recumbent bike. Studies have shown that automobile drivers are quicker to notice recumbents on the road than standard bicycles. This reduces accidents and death, making a recumbent a much better choice. Unlike the common myth out there, recumbents aren’t difficult to pedal up hills. In fact, you can exert more force leaning backwards than upright.

Getting one of burley recumbent bikes might not be as expensive as you imagine. They start at around $350 and their price can climb into the thousands. Most recumbents are similar to standard bikes in everything except the frame. Ask around and always do your research before buying any bicycle.