BMX Bike – Buy a Complete BMX or Build One?

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Are You Prefer To Buy A Complete BMX or Build One?

This is a commonly asked question, especially from people new to the sport. If you or someone you know is trying to make this decision, you have found the right place. If you notice a thread mentioning this subject, just direct the poster here.
There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new bike, particularly your first one. You have a couple of major options. You can customize your bike by making it from scratch. Or, you could buy a new, complete bike. This article will go over all the pros and cons of both choices. No matter which option you choose, you will know which bike is right for you at this point in time.

There is one question that you must ask yourself: Price or Personality?

Are you willing to pay top dollar for the bike of your dreams? Is a lower price enough to entice you to buy a bike that you otherwise would not look at twice? You can buy a $600 bike that is ready to go or you can spend half that on a frame from your favorite website. If the price is a deal breaker, you have to decide where your limit is. Let’s take a look at the two scenarios.

1. If you choose to build your own BMX:

build bmx bike

Build your own BMX

If you have no technical experience building a bike, do not, plain and simple. First things first, plan! Always make sure that all the details are worked out ahead of time.

 You will need several parts. Create a checklist of all the parts you need and want. Do your research and find the exact model you want to order. This will save time and confusion later. If you are unfamiliar with the process, talk to your LBS to ensure that you are choosing the correct parts and that they are of good quality. Make sure you have enough money for everything before you start purchasing any items.
Building your own bike takes time. Check your schedule to see if you have the time to dedicate to working on your bike. Take into account: school, work, friends, family, kids, girlfriends, and what not. You know, the real world. It is likely that wherever space you use to build the bike will have a million parts lying all over it. Realistically, building a bike requires that you have both the time and space for it. If you do not have one or both of those things, you are risking your life and home becoming a mess.
If your favorite thing is building and replacing parts on a bike, consider this instead: buy a cheap, full bike. You can customize it or fix cosmetic flaws by replacing the parts. This way you can improve your building skills. Then, just buy a frame and use it as a base for the old parts. Recycle the replaced parts from the old bike by putting them on the new frame. By doing this you will have a BMX you customized for yourself and another one to use as a spare or sell. If you bought the replacement parts at a low cost, you may even make a profit. This is one recreation/sport where you are almost guaranteed to lose money. In this sport, making money can be a welcome change.

2. If you choose to buy a complete bike:

buy a complete bike

Buy a complete BMX bike

Purchasing a new bike is expensive. To avoid making a costly mistake, choose the right bike using these tips:

  • Find reviews
  • Look at photos
  • Ride it before you buy it
  • Ask for details and opinions from people you trust
Doing these things will aid you in deciding which bike is for you.
Do not be pressured into buying a bike, especially one that is outside of your budget. Buy something you like. Do not get what the sales guy likes or the one all of your friends have. Unless of course, you want to: go bankrupt, end up in jail, move to Mexico, become a crack dealer, and die in the desert alone.
In short, buying a complete bike is the best thing for a beginner. Do not get hopped up on your ego, make the smart choice. Ride the parts until they break. (This will take the newbies a while!) Whether you choose to build or buy complete, you can always upgrade later.
Save your money until then by using stock parts whenever you can. Chromo and spray paint are going to be your new best friends, treat them well.