Cannondale Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

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Cannondale full suspension mountain bikes have been completely revamped for the 2011 season. New designs combine elements from the popular Jekyll frame to create competitive full suspension bikes with great stability. Based on the principle that simplicity, great materials, and advanced engineering can deliver the best results in races on rugged terrain, Cannondale has developed serious workhorses in their Scalpel and RZ One Twenty full suspension bikes.

Two essential elements set Cannondale full suspension mountain bikes apart from other brands. In addition to Cannondale’s cutting-edge aluminum and BallisTec carbon alloy construction, the unique frame design features a slight elbow in the top tube for better stand-over clearance. Cannondale full suspension mountain bikes feature single-pivot and zero-pivot rear suspension systems for efficient impact rebound and competition-winning speed.

Cannondale RZ One TwentyThe RZ One Twenty series is the keystone of Cannondale’s range of full suspension mountain bikes. Starting at £1.500, the RZ One Twenty 4 is the most affordable Cannondale full suspension mountain bike. However, riders also get a tremendous value in this competitively priced package. Other RZ One Twenty models, including RZ One Twenty 1, RZ One Twenty 2, and RZ One Twenty 3 are priced at £2.500, £1.900 and £1.600 respectively.

All RZ One Twenty models feature a super-durable one-piece integrated backbone (OPI) fork and Cannondale’s proprietary SmartFormed aluminum-alloy frame for excellent impact resistance and weight reduction. Cannondale’s detail-oriented construction pairs high-end components with proprietary technology to deliver the best performance on the trail. Depending on the model, you’ll find Monarch Rock Shox in the rear, RST Deuce Air, Solo Air or the famous one-sided Lefty suspension fork offering 120 mm of bottomless travel in front, Shimano cogs, SRAM derailleurs and a host of other top-notch components. One-click lockout and adjustable rebound are also available with several RZ One Twenty models.

Since its introduction nearly one decade ago, the Cannondale Scalpel has been making waves in the industry and winning races on the course. As the name implies, you’ll be carving trails with surgical precision on this advanced racing machine. The one-sided Lefty fork has been a remarkable breakthrough for Cannondale allowing the company to reduce weight dramatically and eliminate the need for bushings and bearings. Compression rebound pistons provide a firm bottomless feel with specially tuned valves based on frame size and anticipated rider weight for improved efficiency in the race.

Cannondale’s top of the line team-replica Scalpel retails for £7.500 while Scalpel 1, 2 and 3 retail for £5.000, £3.700 and £2.900 respectively. Designed for speed, the Cannondale Scalpel line features ultra-light and super-durable BallisTec carbon frames that weigh in at a mere 1580 grams, including the rear shock.

With 80 mm of travel and a zero-pivot rear suspension system that delivers linear impact rebound across the frame, Cannondale full suspension mountain bikes are designed to provide for race-winning power. Rear shocks from Fox, tubeless Mavic wheels, and tubeless-ready Schwalbe racing tires are among the options included with Cannondale’s top of the line Scalpel racing bikes.

Overall, Cannondale full suspension mountain bikes are designed to be mean and lean racing machines with a stiff and efficient dual suspension system, lightweight frame, advanced components and industry-leading technology that can withstand rugged conditions on the trail.