Choosing the Best Bike Pumps

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If you are a biker, you may have a flat tire. At this time, you really need the best bike pump. The bike pump is essential for you if you want to avoid such problems. However, there are so many types of bike pumps, which is the best bike pump?

Before deciding to buy a bike pump, you must know different types available on the market. Normally, pumps have two types: electric pumps and manual pumps. What’s more, pumps can be categorized as being compact or full size. You should know what pump you really need.

Manual pump

As you can see, manual pumps are the most common bike pumps. When people talk about bike pumps, they generally mean manual bike pumps. These pumps generally possess a base which you can hold down with your feet, a long shaft, and handles to pump air into the tires with. Also, a gauge is equipped with many pumps. The gauge can allow you test the pressure in the tires, which can remind you when to stop inflating.

Generally, these pumps are large and not light. Some mountain bikers would like smaller and portable bike pumps. Some portable bike pumps can satisfy their needs. They have the main functions as standard bike pumps; however, you need to pump the tires with your hands. They don’t have a base for you to hold down with your feet. Normally, portable pumps don’t have the same power as standard bike pumps do.

Electric Pump

If you use a portable pump to inflate a tire, you will fell that pumping a tire is not an easy thing. It will take your strength and energy. Electric pumps can save your energy and time. They can inflate your tires more quickly due to the using of a motor.

If you finally decide to buy an electric pump, you must choose which is designed for usage on bicycles. Generally, there two types of electric pumps: low pressure with high volume and high pressure with low volume. The former ones can be used for some large tires, inflatable boats, air beds and other similar items which normally have much more amounts of air but the pressure is low. The latter ones are specially designed for bike tires and sports balls. The bike tires and sports balls need high pressure but a small amount of air.

Tips to Select the Best Bike Pumps

Regardless of the purpose, you will need one of the best bike pumps and the ability to repair your bike if necessary. There are different types that are available depending on the purpose and the style of riding you will be doing. You should keep a few things in mind when selecting one.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is the type of riding you will do. If you are going to be riding on a road, a lighter and smaller pump is best to put enough air pressure in the cycle tires. If you will be riding on a dirt road or a mountain, you should select a heavy duty pump that is designed to handle the impact of nature such as branches and rocks.

There are many you can choose from. The best bike pumps you can choose from are the floor pumps that are ideal for home use and for riding on sidewalks or local roads. You can fill the air with your cycle or other items at home. You can also select from the mini-pumps that are very small and lightweight to handle flats while riding on trails or out in nature because they are easily portable.

If you are a bike racer you need something light to put air in the tires fast. For home use, a floor pump is ideal though you can choose from many of the best bike pumps available.

Before you select one to buy, check its performance. The best bike pumps will inflate a tire without too much work on your part. See how much time it takes to properly fill the bike tire with air. Measure the pressure. If the pump has a higher stroke force, you will have to put in a lot of effort to use it and fill the air in the tires. The lower number of strokes to completely inflate the better it will be.

Not all of the best bike pumps are compatible with all bikes so you must check this before you go to the register. You will need to check the components of the bike to make sure the item will work. You should also check the pump fits it the storage area of the cycle for easy portability.

You should also keep a tire gauge to make sure your tires are in proper condition. These are usually built into the pumps already so you do not need to switch from one tool to another. There are some models that do not have them installed so check for this as well.

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