Columbia Bicycles Turns Present Into Past

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Columbia Bicycles – It’s “Girls Sweet Dreams” bike.

Biking doesn’t have to be serious, only comfortable and fun. Take a look at what Columbia Bicycle manufacturer is putting out there.

1953 Columbia Bicycle Ad

1953 Columbia Bicycle Ad ~ Lexington & Arlington

Founded in 1877 by Col. Albert Pope, Columbia Bicycles can be credited with many firsts in the cycling industry. His first bicycles sold for around $125 when even sewing machines only cost about $14! However, since its inception, the company has built itself a name in the quality bike-building industry. It was the first company to introduce the chainless bike. Based out of Westfield, Massachusetts this remarkable company offers bikes for men, women and even children. It’s “Girls Sweet Dreams” bike is ever so popular with its blue and pink coloring.

Recently, the company released its 140-year anniversary special bike. This bike is billed as a “custom deluxe” cruiser and is quite a sight! Finished in ivory and blue paint, the bike comes with a dashboard equipped with a clock and speedometer. It also features a horn and a headlight. While it doesn’t boast any fancy gears, this bicycle does bring a feeling of olden day flair and will surely turn some heads on the road.

With all the options for bicycles out there, why not choose something a little bit different? Use your passion for biking as a way to express your personality and let a bit of your personal quirkiness shine through. Don’t let the pros have all the fun with their gear. Do something a bit different yourself. After all, you can’t ride an old-fashioned bike down the street without making a few people along the way smile. Soon enough, you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling back and forth between bicycles.