Cycling Sunglasses Can Make Or Break You

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Few pointers before buying cycling sunglass

Sunglasses for cyclists should be functional and stylish, but looks shouldn’t dominate your decision. A few pointers before buying are keys.

Rudy Project Exception

Rudy Project Exception Running and Cycling Sunglasses

Rudy Project is an independent sunglasses company catering to active wearers, which

Cycling sunglasses are often overlooked by the beginner biker. They are so concerned with their shorts, helmet and bike, they forget about the elements they might be facing once they hit the road. There are conditions such as excess sunlight, rain and rocks that affect all cyclists at some point while biking.

The main goal of sunglasses is to protect the eyes. There are a number of things that can get into the eyes while traveling by bike. Insects, plant particles and small rocks are only a few of the things that can keep a rider off the road. It is very easy to scratch one’s cornea and it is a very painful experience. Sunglasses obviously also protect the eyes from sunlight.

When looking for a pair of sunglasses for cycling, they need to fit snuggly and they shouldn’t move around on your head very much. Remember that you will be sweating while wearing them and you don’t want to have to stop your ride to try to find them somewhere in a ditch.

Be sure to try on a variety of sunglasses when you go shopping. Just like regular glasses, the size of cycling sunglasses and their lenses varies. The amount of peripheral vision each provides is different, and you have to find one suitable for your needs. Cycling sunglasses that are too small will make your ride uncomfortable, whereas cycling sunglasses that are too large will fall off or cover up too much of your face.

Have fun when selecting your new cycling sunglasses. With all the colors, styles and lenses available out there, any pair you choose can reflect your personality. It’s probably one of the most fun pieces of cycling apparel you can buy!