Do You Need a Folding Bicycle?

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folding bikeIn the city where I live, it’s a common sight to see buses running down the street with two or three bicycles tied to the front of the bus. We have a Trax system which is a commuter train and they allow you to take your bike right on the train with you. They have special spaces in the front of each car to store the bike until you get to wherever you’re going.

In other countries, like the United Kingdom and East Asia, it’s not uncommon to see people using folding bicycles when they travel on public transportation. You don’t see it as much in the United States, but it’s a trend that could catch on as more and more people opt to ride their bikes to work instead of driving and need to combine the riding of the bicycle with a ride on a bus or a train.

The folder or folding bicycle is a type of bicycle that has several joints and/or hinges that can be unlocked in order to fold the bike into a compact size and shape. The folding typically involves the main frame of the bicycle, though there have been some folding bicycles where only lesser portions fold. This makes the bike much easier to carry onto public transportation.

We live in a country where people still don’t ride public transportation as much as they should. That’s why the highways are so congested and the air is so polluted. But if you find yourself in a position where you might ride a bus or a train to work and the bus doesn’t drop you very near to your destination, then you might consider getting a folding bicycle to aid you in your travels. You might not think it is cool, but I’m here to tell you that it is really cool.

Many people think that performance will suffer if you ride a folding bike. They don’t think that a folding bike can stand up to the same standards of speed and performance as a regular bike. But it’s a fact that bicycle races and even some records have been won or broken by people riding folding bicycles. So, the feeling that they are somehow inferior is just a myth.

Folding bikes generally have smaller wheels than regular bikes. However, the ratios that determine how a bike will fit a rider seem to be nearly identical to non-folding bikes. If you decide to buy a folding bike, you’ll find that they tend to cost more than non-folding bikes with similar features. But what they cost in money, they more than make for convenience and you’ll find they are very suitable for those who ride mass transit.

I am here to encourage you to look into a folding bicycle if you feel that it will fit your lifestyle. People who think folding bicycles are slower than regular bikes need to do their research and I think you’ll find that they ride very well. The biggest challenge to changing popular opinion of folding bikes in places like the US is to convince people that folding bikes go just as fast and just as easily as regular non-folding bikes. Because they do.