Formula RX Hydraulic Disc Brake

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Formula disc brake is an Italian company that has been manufacturing hydraulic disc brakes for bikes and motorcycles. They are in this business for a long time having the full distribution network in North America. Formula brakes have very good reputation in the market, many mountain bike riders love Formula brakes because of its powerful braking system and great modulation. Formula has launched RX model to address few problems that faced by earlier model Formula Oro K18 and K24 that eats the pads though provide great stopping power. Formula RX disc brake serves many purposes for riders at much reasonable price. Those who switch from DH/FR disc brake system such as Hayes Strokers and Formula Oro K24 to Formula RX will sure face low modulation and little lever feedback but that is not a big issue.

Unforgiving Performance

This disc brake is one of the best braking systems especially for 29er bikes when used with two piece rotor 180/160mm. it is way better than the mid range brakes such as Avid Juicy 5 and 7 and gives enough stopping power using one finger. You can easily locate after sales material for RX such as pads/parts and it performs similarly to Hopes disc brakes. The main difference you can find between Formula RX and other high-end disc brakes are weight factor. This mountain bike disc brake uses less special material and fairly light weight. It shares the design of ‘The One’ and R1 disc brakes and the performance of RX back it up and strongly justifies riders to settle with Formula RX. Riders can also experience powerful braking in RX by using various types of metallic and sintered brake pads.

This disc brake comes with the flappable master cylinder and features long bolt mounting brackets that make the large rotor relatively light weight. More power in any braking system means increased heat and faster the pad wears. RX brake has larger brake pads which better acts as a heat resistance and long lasting pads. Sometimes misalignment in the rear wheel will lead to excessive wear and the caliper must correctly cover the braking surface on the rotor. Normally poor alignment would also give the bad review on any disc brakes. If you are riding in a wet condition then organic and ceramic pads will not last long, only sintered pads will improve the braking efficiency and pad life in wet condition.

Formula RX LeverFormula RX Lever Formula RX CaliperFormula RX Caliper

Better Built Quality

This Formula disc brake has substantial built quality with classic lever shape similar to ‘XT’ made with magnesium and the lever pivot has a metal bolt which gives a solid feel. Overall, RX is a lightweight brake weighs 351 gm and provides an option to choose Titanium rotor bolts which could save further 10gm from overall weight. The post mount style adaptor in the caliper is a good built which gives great relief from shim and totally avoids any noise problem. It is one piece caliper technology that is found in all other disc brake brands in the market. High capacity and integrated reservoir make bleeding easy and simple to maintain. Surprisingly this disc brake comes with mountain adaptors for 160 mm, 180 mm and 203 mm rotors as an option.

Good Adaptability

Some riders still like to use the combination of formula brakes with Hopes floating rotor which really helps to personalize the bike, it is possible but not without modification and this modification would affect the warranty of Formula brakes. It has become very common using various types of rotors with any branded brakes and the concept works very well. Do not try this combination with differently branded adaptor or floating rotor unless you are expert in home mechanics. This hydraulic disc brake will produce bedding on the pads and gives power for handling all of your Trail, XC, Enduro, and All-Mountain needs with one finger except for some longer descents that need two fingers to handle the lever.

Formula RX RotorFormula RX Rotor Formula RX Master CylinderFormula RX Master Cylinder

Easy Maintenance

Replacing with metal pads the brake gets more power and bites like a beast. Being a high-end disc brake it is very simple to setup like Avid Elixir and closely compared with Elixir and Code R brake that has a similar price range. Elixir has short hose length and some times it is not suitable for a big frame but has top loading pads means you can easily swap the pads with the wheel. Formula RX also has the same top loading pad feature that makes easy to change the pads. It always has an edge over Elixir with great performance and reputation in the market. When compared to Avid brakes, RX produces very low noise and this is because of pad engaging. When switching over heat resistance rotors and good pad material will solve the noise problem.

This Formula brake is only suitable for Trail and All mountain bike but when you try long DH on the rocky and rough terrain the brake fade really bad. Price wise it is much similar to Avid code R and Elixir so, you have many options to select based on your requirement. If you correctly fix suitable pads and rotors then Formula FX would ride dry, wet, cold and muddy condition and also readily go for light Downhill without any problem. It is competitively priced and gives a chance for mid budget riders to try high-end brakes saving good money. Only thing is that it is a little difficult to do bleed process for that you need to take out the brake from the handlebar and need patience while servicing. At higher temperature it produces some squealing noise and trying other branded rotors would probably solve this problem.

Our Analysis

If you are looking for some powerful set of brakes that stop you with one finger while flying light downhill then RX will help you. Sure this bike parts can be the best alternative to upgrades from stock brake and fully satisfies your needs. Moreover, it is reasonably priced when compared to all other mid range disc brakes in the market.

Formula RX Hydraulic Disc Brake – Bike Parts Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer: Formula
Brand Name: RX
Bike parts: Hydraulic disc brake
160 mm / 180 mm standard 2-piece rotor is available as option
Titanium rotor bolt as option
Mounting adaptor is available as option
Easy reach adjustment
Pad type: Organic
High capacity Flip-flop master cylinder
Handlebar clamp can be removed
Top loading pad feature
Weight: 351 gm

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