Freestyle Bikes For Heavy Pavement Pounding

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If stunting and tricking are your game, you’ll need a bike to support your habit.

Freestyle BikesAs the sport of cycling grows by leaps and bounds, so does the interest in it that stems from youth. More and more teenagers and young adults are buying freestyle bikes and getting involved in this fun and exciting sport. This specific form of biking involves stunting and tricking using a sturdy and compact bike. It is used for riding at skate parks and various other places where tricks are possible. Whether it be the stairs at your local mall or the playground down the road, you’ll find plenty of people who have perfected their riding skills.

Picking a bike for this style of riding isn’t very difficult. Having appeared on the scene after the explosion of BMX sports, these pieces are quickly gaining popularity because of their versatility. Not only can kids use them for stunts, but they can also use them for everyday errands such as going to school or getting the mail. These pieces are built using a more solid construction rather than to be lightweight. Obviously, they have to be able to stand the pounding of the pavement they’ll inevitably face.

You’ll be able to spot this bike by its wider wheels and smoother tread. They also have axle pegs which are used by riders during their stunts. Either these axle pegs come already attached, or you can buy them separately and attach them yourself. Some riders are very particular about their pegs and are quite picky when selecting them. No matter what type of bike you buy, make sure you buy it from a reputable dealer. If something goes wrong on the street due to a manufacturer’s defect or another mistake, you’ll want to be able to return it. These bicycles have to be durable if nothing else.