Fuji Mountain Bike – Rugged To The Bone

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Fuji Bicycles company has been making bikes since 1899, so why not see what they’ve learned in over a century?

Fuji mountain BikeCycling is a sport for every age and fitness level. Not only is it easy to get involved in, but it’s also a great deal of fun! No matter what your interests, you can find an aspect of cycling that you enjoy.

You’ll need proper equipment to get you started and, if you are into cycling over rugged terrain, a Fuji mountain bike might be the solution to all your needs. They offer you a wide range of options including their Tahoe, Sunfire, Boulevard and Thunder models. They even have bikes specifically designed for the female rider such as the Thunder Lady and Odessa Lady models.

As when choosing any such mountain bicycle, you’ll need to be sure that you have a proper fit for your body weight and length. This will ensure that your weight is evenly distributed between the seat and the handlebars. Doing this will make your ride a lot easier and you’ll be able to do things you never thought possible! You can determine the needed size of your bicycle yourself using a variety of calculations provided online, or you can be safe and have someone at a biking shop measure you. The latter option is especially important if you are a competitive cyclist at any level.

Even though this company provides durable bikes that you can rely on, you’ll have to do some basic maintenance to ensure that your bicycle functions properly. You should check over your bicycle before every ride to keep yourself safe and your bicycle working properly. Some things to look for include loose spokes, fatigued handlebars and properly working brakes. You should keep any bicycles you own clean so that you can spot problems quickly and easily.