Gary Fisher Bikes

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Gary Fisher Bike Company Is Headed By The Father Of Mountain Biking.

2009 Gary Fisher Roscoe trail bike

2009 Gary Fisher Roscoe trail bike

Anyone who is into rugged terrain biking will know all about Gary Fisher bikes. This man has been dubbed the founding father of mountain bicycles by Smithsonian magazine! He has been involved in the sport of cycling since 1963. His first bike, dubbed “The Klunker” appeared in 1974 and neither the man nor the company has looked back since. They have successfully created an empire devoted to mountain bike cycling and have single-handedly revolutionized the industry. They have even built a partnership with Subaru! There is no limit to what this company can achieve.

The founding father of mountain biking discovered road cycling at the tender age of twelve years old. He was suspended from cycling in 1968 for having long hair but returned to the sport when the rules changed in 1972. His somewhat rebellious attitude boded well for the young man, who went on to win countless races and championships. In 1979 he and business partner Charlie Kelly introduced the modern day mountain bike to the world. He was also inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1988.

Today Fisher’s collection includes a litany of products ready to take you to the next heights of any mountain. Known for rugged durability and excellent performance, buying a bike from this company will be a smart choice for anyone – professional or amateur. Current 2005 models include the Cake, Sugar, Classic and Bigg’ns among others. They even have a women-specific model as well as one specifically designed for kids. With all these bicycles to choose from, you’ll find one perfect for your ride.

Gary Fisher Mountain Bike: An Original

Owning a Gary Fisher mountain bike is like owning a piece of history. Not only is this man a cycling legend, but he basically invented rugged terrain cycling. He’s been described as the sport’s founding father by everyone, including Smithsonian magazine. His bikes are created for rugged durability and they can send any cyclist into a virtual utopia! If you’re going to get a bicycle, why not get one from the master himself? Take his many years of experience and discovery and put them to good use.

Having entered the world of cycling at the tender age of twelve, this legend was never one to take things lying down. He was known as a rebel who didn’t see the use of rules banning long hair, and this attitude helped him win an abundance of races and championships. Eventually, he took his love of the sport and developed the first rugged terrain bicycle, entitled the “Klunker.” He hasn’t looked back since.

Today, the bicycles under his namesake include models specifically for professionals, women and also kids. Anyone who needs a rugged terrain bicycle can find one in his collection. Never one to be boring, their names include Cake and Sugar. Each one has its own specifications and advantages and they will all take you to the top of your ride. In addition, you can buy a variety of accessories to compliment your new equipment. All you have to do is ask a few questions to realize that these mountain bikes are ranked above many others.