Kona Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

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Kona full suspension mountain bikes are among the top choices in the industry. These full suspension mountain bikes use suspension forks and quality rear shocks to provide a superior riding experience. They also have wide tires that provide excellent road grip, and along with the rear and front suspension supply easy riding over debris, rocks, and roots. There is practically no limit to what a full suspension mountain bike can do, meaning you may reach your own personal limit before you find the limit of this bike.

Kona Full Suspension Mountain BikesKona bikes actually take their name from Hawaii’s Kailua-Kona, a place that the owners were extremely fond of. The names of their models have also taken on volcanic names and names of Hawaiian locations, such as the Cinder Cone, Hei Hei, Hot, and Kilauea. Kona bicycles are all designed with the focus on a particular need or a particular task. Kona takes pride in supplying bikes that have the user in mind, and the specifications they base their bikes on come from what these users have requested when looking for the perfect ride.

One of the top models in Kona’s full suspension bike line is the Kona One20 Primo 2009. The bike features scandium tubing, which is known to be one of the strongest and lightest metals on earth. When added to aluminum alloys, scandium increases the strength of a material by 50 percent. This makes for a bicycle that is 10 to 15 percent lighter than an all aluminum bike, yet is twice as strong as 7005 or 6061 aluminum. Scandium means the bike will come with a lifetime warranty and be a very fast bike, as it will be lighter as well. Scandium is five times stronger than aluminum but as light as titanium. While it may be half the weight of steel, it is also more durable than carbon.

The Kona One20 Primo also features hydroformed tubing and a sloping top tube. It also comes with a compact rear triangle, magnesium rockers, and asymmetrical chainstays. It also features the Kona walking beam 4-bar linkage system. This system protects the rear shock from side-to-side forces while also allowing different suspension characteristics, and is also known for the plush factor it provides.

Kona full suspension mountain bikes offer great rides at reasonable prices. While the Kona One20 Primo 2009 is among their preferred models, it could be that you may find another model that is better suited for your needs.