Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Bicycle Trainer Review

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Kinetic by Kurt 2013 Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Bicycle Trainer

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Bicycle Trainer

You can now have functionality in performance and amazing accuracy that is beyond measure with the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Bicycle Trainer. Made to be both extremely technical but yet wonderfully simple to use, the trainer has a number of features that allows you to perform to the maximum of your ability, as if you were really out there on the road! Some of its features include a Kinetic floor mat that reduces vibrations and keeps your floors sweat free, non-marring PVC feet that absorbs the irregularities in the floor robotically, and a fluid trainer that encompasses an accurate speed versus power curve. The Kinetic power computer allows riders to read the most accurate estimates of their output of power without the need for excess wires, a special hub or gear calibration that is over complicated.

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Bicycle Trainer has adjustable legs so that they can accommodate BMX, Road and mountain bikes, it also folds compactly for easy storage, and it has strong welded frame that is powder coated to enable longevity and durability. The power-tap can replicate the power requirements as if you were riding outdoors and the cooling fins actually dissipate the heat. On top of that, it has three ounces of neutral liquid silicone so that you actually can feel it resists as if you were roadside with it.

Kurt Kinetic, the manufacturer of this trainer, believes in making cycling equipment that goes beyond customer expectations and to have a commitment to satisfaction through the continuous improvement of their machines. They’ve enabled their customers to set their benchmarks higher in regards to cycling and training. The bicycle trainer is one, in a long list of their products available in the cycling market.

The pros:

  • Stable and smooth ride – let’s face it, who likes trainers more than being outside? However, with this device, you will find it has a good smooth ride to it.
  • Natural feel to resistance mechanism – very progressive machine, you can tell you’re working if you’re over eighteen miles per hour on it.
  • Release mechanism makes it a cinch – you can move the bike faster with this, so when it’s time to remove it to go outside and play, you can do so with ease.
  • Easy to assemble– even though it comes with what seems to be a plethora of parts, it is very easy to get this thing up and running!

The cons:

  • Must get accustomed to the ride – some people felt at first that it seemed like they were riding on ice, but they quickly overcame that.

Our Final Thoughts

Solid craftsmanship, highly technical, and amazingly simple is what you can call the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Bicycle Trainer. This can simply be considered the “trainer for those who hate bike trainers,” because of its performance while riding. It is considered a top tiered buy for those who want both performance and realistic capabilities in a bicycle trainer.

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