Let’s Make the very “Us” Bicycle Repair Time

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Going everywhere riding a bicycle is such a nice thing to do, but when it comes to bicycle repair times, oh no…all joyful things will fade away. In these days when everything goes digitally and electronically, riding bicycle has become the solution for living healthier with fun, even though we will feel little bit tired because of it, but when we take a  look at the advantage of riding bicycle, repairing our broken bicycle has not become a nightmare in the afternoon again. It is worth with the benefit that we can get from riding the bicycle.

We do not need to ask someone expert every time we get a trouble with the bicycle, but before we talking further about how to make Do-It-Yourself bicycle repair time, let’s we find out some information relates to our bicycle, so are you ready for that? Let’s check it out from now

Before Bicycle Repair Time, Let’s Greet with The Parts

bike parts

Bicycle parts

If you want to be a master in repairing a bicycle, the first thing and the main thing that you must know is getting closer to each bicycle part, so you will know where the problem begins. Okay, let’s we start from the smallest one and the below one, which is the axle.

The axle is a part in a form of a rod which is responsible for attaching the wheel to the body of bicycle and accommodates which wheel which is rotating.  This part is often mentioned to describe the suspension of the bicycle. In some tips of Do-It-Yourself bicycle repair tips, this part is considered as the safest component since it is often broken.

When it talks about the axle, we cannot forget other parts such as chain drive, which is usually called belt drive also. Then we meet with bearing component. As for your information, this part is responsible for decreasing the friction when the bicycle is being used. If you often do your own bicycle repair time, you must be very familiar with chain part of the bicycle.

The chain itself is a part which connects three components to accommodate the power from the front sprocket at the rear sprocket of the bicycle such as the plate, rollers, interlinking pins. To make the work of the chain run smoothly, the chain is covered with what so called chainguard, which is often covered with oil also.

These days, many bicycles that are sold on the market use some modern parts such as cycle computer to measure speed, electronic gear shifting system and training wheel. Those are some parts of the bicycle that you must know if you want to repair the bicycle on your own.

Let’s Start Our Bicycle Repair Time

bike repairAfter finding out the name of several parts in the bicycle, now you will find out how to repair your own bicycle. Having this skill is very important because it is not sure that you get trouble near from the bicycle repair shop, and doing it on your own can give you many benefits.

If you are at home, it is recommended to clean your bicycle first then cover it with lubricant. If you leave the bicycle dirty all the time, it will make the dirt disturbs the way the bicycle it works. The lubricant will help the bicycle running smoothly. And for this, don’t ask someone to do it if you are able to. Next thing for bicycle repair tips is how to make a simple upgrade.

The point of this repair tips is not making you become so miserable in replacing all parts with the new one. If it is possible, you can use things around you to take care of your bicycle such as using new tape to make your bar look new and sophisticated.

It will look like the new thing from the showroom. Besides, it can give you better grip than before. However, you must do it with the rule, what rule? First, try to wrap the flat part to the saddle. If you choose to wrap it from the outside, wrap in the clockwise direction.

Bicycle Repair Tips: Before it’s Too Late You Must

  • Checking your bicycle every time you use it is the best bicycle repair tips for everyone. Just like another thing, before it is broken, it must give you sign such as heavy chain rotation, uncomfortable wheel, numb handle and much more.
  • When you feel one of these problems happens, you must go find out what happens, please do not wait until tomorrow because it is possible that that are some minutes your bicycle can walk.
  • Next thing that you must pay attention from bicycle repair is always using lubricant to your bicycle. This is very important to keep the part of your bicycle last longer rather than not using the lubricant.
  • The best time to give it to your bicycle is after you fix it, with a note that you must clean the bicycle first. The lubricant will save some parts, like the chain especially, so it will not be broken so easily.