Luxury Biking Tours: The Best Vacation On Two Wheels

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If you need a break, but don’t want to leave your bike behind, don’t worry. There are plenty of options available.

Luxury Biking Tours

Cycling in Vietnam, luxury cycling holidays with Abercrombie & Kent

For those who can’t even imagine a vacation without cycling, their biking dreams lie just over the horizon. With the recent explosion of luxury biking tours, keeping fit while getting away from your everyday life has never been easier. With a little planning, you can easily combine your passion for cycling with a much-needed break.

Whether you take a cycling trip through beautiful Tuscany or set your sights on a cycling adventure in South Africa, you can be assured that there is a trip waiting just for you. Most biking tours offer a variety in the level of expertise they serve. Most offer everything from cycling a few leisurely hours per day to spending several hours coasting through the country. It all depends on your personal preference and fitness level. Just be sure not to overestimate your limits, or it could become a very unpleasant experience.

Browsing the Internet can provide you with many options. There are unlimited tour operators out there, but it is recommended that you do your research before booking any trip. If possible, try to speak with someone who has taken a recent trip with the operator. Ask as many questions as possible including how much assistance was provided and whether or not the information given was accurate. Finding out as much as possible now will save you a headache or two later. Also, don’t be shy about contacting a reputable travel agent. Often times they can get you special deals or inform you about bicycling tours you didn’t even know about.