Notes on Different Types of Bicycles

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I started this blog because I love bicycles. I have had the fun of owning many different bicycles in my life. If you read through of the blog, you’ll see that I think riding a bike is a great way to save energy and “be green”. I have a car but I try to drive it only when necessary. Here’s a short history of some of the bikes I own now or have owned in the past.

different types of bicycles

There are a large number of different types of bicycles out there

In the city I live in, I can regularly use one of my light duty mountain bicycles for grocery shopping and other light shopping. The light duty mountain bicycle is not as tough as my mountain bicycle. I have heard that light duty mountain bikes are also called trail bikes.

If you ride on different types of terrains, you need different types of bikes. Don’t take a trail bike off-road. If I’m going camping or up to the mountains, I have a really tough mountain bike which is built for those types of rides. It has a full suspension system and is much more able to take the punishment of a mountain trail. I try to get out and really ride on my mountain bicycle at least once per month. I have lots of friends who ride bikes and every weekend I can usually find one that is going out cycling. It’s usually easy to hitch a ride with them. That saves me gas, too.

I also have a recumbent bicycle. That is the kind of bike where you sit in a reclined position and pedal with your feet forward. I have to admit, it’s an expensive bike. I had to save for awhile to get mine. But I love it. I feel like I’m being pampered and am sitting in a lounge chair. Mine is one of the faster models and when I’m in the mood for it, it’s a great ride.

I had a girlfriend for a short time that used to ride with me. She liked bikes almost as much as me. We rode everywhere together and we were a great couple until she talked me into buying a tandem bicycle. What a mistake that was. We were great as long as we were on separate bikes, but put us on the same bike and suddenly, we couldn’t work together. The tandem bicycle seemed to amplify all the little things she found wrong with me. We ended up breaking up just a couple months after buying the bike. I put an ad in the newspaper and sold the tandem bike as soon as I could. If you are thinking about buying a tandem bicycle, make sure your relationship is strong before you do.

adult tricycle

The other day, I saw a bicycle that I had never seen before

The other day, I saw a bicycle that I had never seen before. I was passing a retirement home and saw something that was amazing to me. I thought I had seen it all, but they were riding an adult tricycle. I stopped and talked to one of the ladies that was riding and she told me that when you get older, you can’t handle the balance of a regular bike as well. An adult tricycle is a perfect answer for them for people who want to get some exercise and have a little freedom to get away from the home once in a while. I was very impressed.

My nephew recently started talking about bicycles. He told me he wants a BMX bicycle for his birthday. He asked me instead of his parents because he knows I’ll probably buy it for him. Me, being a bicycle nut and all. For the kind of riding he does, he would probably be better off with a freestyle bike. I will talk to him about it and maybe I can change his mind. If I can’t talk him into a freestyle bike, I may have to buy both types of bicycles for him. I want him to love cycling as much as I do.

So, you can see that my history has been many and varied. I have been riding most of my life. One day I’ll tell you the about the very first time I was on a bike. Stay tuned…