Pocket Bikes

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If you ask a person what types of bikes they have heard of, the answers will be generally the same or quite similar. Usually those answers are mountain bikes, racing bikes, dirt bikes, BMX bikes, etc. Occasionally you will come across a person who says “pocket bikes”, and in most cases your brain will go through a scan looking for this subject, and usually finds nothing. If your thinking it’s a bike that fits in your pocket, that would be nice, but no. These are basically miniature sized motorcycles, or mini bikes.

Pocket Bikes racing

These bikes are small enough to carry under a persons arm, yet powerful enough to carry the weight of that person. They can reach speeds of over 50 mph, but basically have an average speed of about 40-45 mph. The speed will depend on what surface you are riding on, as well as your weight. They are preferably used with gas, but can also be electric. The gas makes it more powerful and kicks up the horse power a few notches. On a single tank of gas a pocket bike can be ridden for quite some time, as is the reverse for the electric version.

Although many would not know it, pocket bikes have been around since the 50’s, and have continued to grow. They were mainly used for crazy contests and competitions. They were not taken very seriously, but as they grew in popularity they also grew in use. In the 70’s, pocket racing was a serious sport in Japan. Although back in those days, many countries were just beginning to become accustomed to these mini bikes, because they didn’t have much power. As time went by, the power of the engine went up. Now it is possible to reach speeds in excess of 50mph.

When looking for one of these motorized miniature vehicles, be sure to do your research. Never go out and buy the first one you see, many try to imitate these creations and trick people into buying what they think is an authentic pocket bike. Depending on the type you buy it can range from $400 to a few thousand dollars. Gas is recommended by most, it will give you a more thrilling ride then a simple electric one.

These miniature vehicles are loads of fun. They are available to almost every type of person out there. Remember that the laws of each state and country differ. One place may be legal to drive on the street while another may be illegal. In the United States, however, it is illegal to drive on the roads. It is okay to drive in specialized events and on your property. Be sure to contact local law enforcement agencies if unsure about something. It would be a terrible waste for you to buy this little wonder and not be able to enjoy it fully and freely.