Saris Bike Racks

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Saris bike racks have widely been used for personal transport and storage as well as commercial parking. They are the most widely used due to the wide array of racks they have to choose from.

Bones Bike rack

Saris bones bike rackOne of the racks offered out of this variety is the Bones Bike rack. It was awarded 4.5 out 5 stars by the bicycling magazine. It is a grey colored, rear mounted rack that can accommodate up to 3 bikes each weighing 35lbs. It is made out of recyclable and non rusting plastic material which also makes it lighter. Its particular arc based design can fit over most spoilers from mini vans to sedans and separates the bikes on different levels so that they do not come into contact with each other during transport.

This rack is the perfect combination of design, style, durability and convenience. It is as easy to use as it is to install and take off because of its spring buckles. It has an added feature of the vertical tie downs which prevent the bikes swinging from side to side. The bike rails can also be folded down when they are not in use. This rack also has rubber feet to prevent scratching of the paint on your vehicle. Plus it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However it could do with a few more tie downs to keep the wheels from spinning. Also when more than one bike is attached, the total weight seems to cause the straps to loosen hence stopping frequently to tighten is necessary.

Sentinel bike rack

Saris sentinel bike rackThe Sentinel saris bike racks are another racks which are purely convenient as it is trunk mounted. It is already assembled and is ready to use straight out of the box. It also folds down flat for convenient storage. It has adjustable arms that fit most vehicles and coated and padded hooks to protect your vehicles finish.

But just like the Bones bike rack one you have to stop regularly to realign the bicycles during transport. The plastic fasteners and bike straps will also tend to wear out faster than other types of fasteners. The bikes will also tend to sway from side to side as it has no side straps but this can be prevented by anchoring the handlebar to the rack. However this rack is convenient for light use and is competitively market priced.

Saris also have a variety of Hitch racks including the Thelma and the T-Bones hitch Racks.


Thelma Hitch rack

Thelma Hitch rackThelma Hitch rack is the most popular of hitch racks systems as the hitch fits are universal at 1-1/4″ and 2″. At 26lbs it is very lightweight and can be folded up when not in use. It can carry up to 3 bikes each 35lbs. Its arms fit over almost any tire size and securely hold the bike during transport. It has click ratchet straps that fit against the wheels which hence do not move. The Thelma hitch rack never comes into contact with the bike frame hence protecting the paintwork. Thelma has a great design and is easy on the eyes. It has no centre post making reaching into the back of your vehicle hassle free. This hitch rack comes with a lifetime guarantee.

T-Bones hitch rack

T-Bones hitch rackThe T-Bones hitch rack is another of the saris rack favorites. It doubles up both as a hitch rack and a storage rack. It is very lightweight, 10lbs and can be folded up to fit into the T-Bones transport bag when it is not in use. It has an integrated locking system as well as an adjustable set back to keep both your vehicle and bicycle safe and secure. The T Bones hitch rack can carry up to 3 bikes each 35lbs. Just like the Thelma, it has universal hitch fits at 1-1/4″ and 2″.

The rack locks onto the vehicle with a locking hitch pin and one key fits both locks on the system. The key could however fail and fail to open any of the locks. It also has anti sway and hold down straps to keep the bikes from moving from side to side. Additional straps or cords are required to hold down the wheels and prevent them from rotating during transport. The ties down straps are also short to fit over long bars but you could use extensions.