Shimano 105 PD-5700 Road Bike Pedals Review

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The Shimano PD-5700 is the 105 series road pedal set, which means two things: it’s excellent quality and very affordable. The 105 series is Shimano’s third highest level of quality in several components – pedals, drivetrains, wheels, hubs, and cassettes to name a few. If you ask a lot of people who don’t have unlimited funds, myself included, likely many will tell you that 105 componentry is the best bang for the buck. And these pedals are no exception.

Shimano 105 PD-5700 Road Bike Pedals

Shimano 105 PD-5700 Road Bike Pedals – Click the picture to purchase

The 105 pedals are as reliable and durable as any out there. They are easy to use, easy to install, easy to adjust – and they just get the job done. On the bike, they perform flawlessly. The only thing you can find that people dislike about these pedals is the weight. This set of pedals weighs in at 320g, compared to Shimano’s best line Dura-Ace at 250g. I’m not a gram-maniac like many roadies out there. I understand that shaving grams here and there result in a noticeably lighter bike, but I lean more toward saving dollars over saving grams. Based on that mantra, you don’t get better than 105’s. Flawless performance and less than half the cost of the next level Ultegra – unbeatable!

As far as riding these pedals, they’re straightforward. Like any other pedal on the market, you align the cleat, step down to clip in, and twist your heel to get out. As compared to Speedplay’s, you have to find the top side of the pedal before you can clip in. Once you’re in, you’re in. The adjustable tension means you determine how hard the twist needs to be in order for you to exit. Most seasoned riders will appreciate the ability to increase tension, as most newer riders will need to start with a very light tension so they can get out in a hurry. This adjustment is simple–one turn of an Allen wrench on the pedals and you’re all set!

Aesthetically, the 105 pedals are very pleasing to the eye. They come in silver and black–chances are your cranks are one of those two colors, regardless of make, model, or age. They’re also very aerodynamic when you clip in. Whether an aero pedal makes a big difference on the road or not is beyond my expertise, but it certainly can’t hurt!

Overall, I rate these pedals as highly as possible. The weight savings and mechanical enhancements you get with higher-level pedals from Shimano don’t justify the cost–what I mean is that these pedals have practically all the same features and design of the upper-level pedals from Shimano, but come in at half or one quarter the cost! You won’t convince me that the increase in price is equal to the increase in product.

The bottom line is you literally get pro-level performance at bargain basement prices.

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