Full Suspension Mountain Bike Frame

Full Suspension Mountain Bike Frame

Specifically designed for those bikers looking to set out across the most mountainous of terrain, full suspension mountain bike frames are going to offer you numerous advantages over a hardtail bike when on rigorous trails. These include most notably increased control and less overall strain on the rider from bumps, torques, and other stressors known Read more about Full Suspension Mountain Bike Frame[…]

Single Speed Mountain Bike Frame

A professional mountain bicyclist carefully chooses his (or her) cycling equipment based upon a number of minute variables. A few of these considerations might include the following: durability, functionality, and most importantly, operator safety. For a recreational mountain biking enthusiast, the best decision of which components are the most appropriate choice is not as straightforward. Read more about Single Speed Mountain Bike Frame[…]

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Bike Frame Materials

Arguably the biggest decision ahead of you when choosing a road bike revolves around the bike frame and what material it’s made from. Different bike frame materials offer different levels of comfort and feel, durability and shelf life, dictate the weight of the complete bike, and of course, affect the cost. Granted manufacturers will use the Read more about Bike Frame Materials[…]