Pocket bikes

Pocket Bikes

If you ask a person what types of bikes they have heard of, the answers will be generally the same or quite similar. Usually those answers are mountain bikes, racing bikes, dirt bikes, BMX bikes, etc. Occasionally you will come across a person who says “pocket bikes”, and in most cases your brain will go Read more about Pocket Bikes[…]

Comfort Bicycles

Comfort Bicycles: An Inviting Alternative

Going for a bike ride doesn’t have to mean a sore bum and aching back. Comfort bicycles promise a much better ride. Comfort bicycles are supposed to be exactly what their name implies – comfortable. Lately, comfort bikes have shot up in popularity and demand, as people look for a new way to exercise without Read more about Comfort Bicycles: An Inviting Alternative[…]

Columbia Bicycles Turns Present Into Past

Columbia Bicycles – It’s “Girls Sweet Dreams” bike. Biking doesn’t have to be serious, only comfortable and fun. Take a look at what Columbia Bicycle manufacturer is putting out there. Founded in 1877 by Col. Albert Pope, Columbia Bicycles can be credited with many firsts in the cycling industry. His first bicycles sold for around Read more about Columbia Bicycles Turns Present Into Past[…]

Best Bike Equipment For Riding

Best Bike Equipment For Riding

Do you have a bike? Do you have enough bike equipment to support your riding? Essential bike equipment can help us improve the riding efficiency. So what are bike equipment? I am a cycling passionate. I have a bike and equip my bike with many useful bike equipment, such as bicycle tool, bike pump, cycling gloves, bike computer, Read more about Best Bike Equipment For Riding[…]

Track bicycle

Track bicycles for high speed riding

Track bicycles, intended for high speed riding an indoor racing circuit which is exceptional to reduce the weight. It is a fixed-gear bicycle that is used in a velodrome. It has narrow, light inflated tires with very high pressure. This happens by the cut down the rolling resistance caused by friction. They have a single Read more about Track bicycles for high speed riding[…]

dealing with dog when cycling

Dealing With Dogs When Cycling

Dogs, like other animals, mark their own territory and don’t like stranger intruding into their territory. They go into an attack mode the moment they notice an intruder. The intruder is first warned with snarls and furious barking; if that does not work then the dog launches an attack This involves snapping at the intruder’s heels, Read more about Dealing With Dogs When Cycling[…]



Brrr, it’s getting cold outside! The darker and colder it gets, the more we need to start thinking about the equipment we need to still feel comfortable while being outside in the lousy British weather. Or at least, as comfortable as you can while cycling up a never ending hill. I’ve been having a browse Read more about 6 ESSENTIAL ITEMS FOR WINTER CYCLING[…]