What Kind Of Bike Is Right For You?

What Kind Of Bike Is Right For You

When it comes to buying a bike, one often asks the question, “What kind of a bike should I buy?” The answer depends on what kind of riding you want to do. For serious off-road cycling, you need a sturdy mountain bike; for distance riding you need a fast, light and comfortable bike; for traveling Read more about What Kind Of Bike Is Right For You[…]

bike brake pads

How To Install The New Bicycle Brake Pads

Bicycle brake pads are essential for your bikes. They help you in terms of stopping the bike even when it is running at high speed. Basically, your entire braking system greatly depends on these pads, so when it comes to perfect braking, these pads must be always in their best conditions. If you use the bicycle Read more about How To Install The New Bicycle Brake Pads[…]

Bicycle Lock

Bicycle Locks

Types of Bicycle Locks The vast majority of cycle thefts are opportunist thefts. Someone sees a bike which is not secured or secured badly and take it because it’s easy to do so. This is particularly common when riders “just nip into the shop” and are away for just a few minutes. The trouble is Read more about Bicycle Locks[…]



ESTABLISHING YOUR BIKE Appropriate established bicycle will increase a cyclist’s strength efficiency, comfort and performance possibility. Inappropriate established bike can frequently bring about muscle tensions and overuse injuries in knees, ankles, hips and back. Appropriate establishment might be achieved by following these suggestions: THE BIKE FRAME An effectively sized frame can give you an equilibrium in amongst Read more about METHODS TO SETUP & MEASURE FOR ACCURATE BIKE SIZE[…]

Throttle or Pedal Activation

Throttled E-Bikes Or Pedal-Activated E-Hybrid Bikes?

Power and speed control: Throttled E-Bikes versus Pedal-Activated E-Hybrid Bikes? We encounter much misunderstanding regarding how pedal-activation works, and about its exceptional merit. This stands to reason as throttle control is easily comprehended (i.e. “press here for power, and the more you press the more power”), while pedal-activation is a state-of-the-art, advanced and highly sophisticated Read more about Throttled E-Bikes Or Pedal-Activated E-Hybrid Bikes?[…]

What's Watt?

What’s Watt?

Does nominal horse power or Watts (746W=1HP) rating matter in electric bike design, and for electric bike performance? Of course. Some manufacturers declare that the motor of their system is “powerful” (even if the fine print shows a mere 180W rating). In other instances, a specific rating, as high as 500W, is clearly represented. However, Read more about What’s Watt?[…]

e bike

Cost of Operating and Owning an Electric Bike

The pedal-activated electric bikes are exceptionally reliable and require only minimal maintenance of the power system. Batteries need replacement within a couple of years (depending on the specific battery technology, how the bike is ridden and charged). Otherwise, the electric bike requires the same maintenance as the quality pedal-only bicycle. Components, other than for the Read more about Cost of Operating and Owning an Electric Bike[…]