What Kind Of Bike Is Right For You?

What Kind Of Bike Is Right For You

When it comes to buying a bike, one often asks the question, “What kind of a bike should I buy?” The answer depends on what kind of riding you want to do. For serious off-road cycling, you need a sturdy mountain bike; for distance riding you need a fast, light and comfortable bike; for traveling Read more about What Kind Of Bike Is Right For You[…]

Bicycle Manufacturers

Choosing Bicycle Manufacturers

Different Options of Bicycle Manufacturers Well, you may find out that people have different fun activities to conduct actually even to compare bicycle manufacturers. The fact is that many people have gained interest in how to take benefit from certain activity such as bicycling in order to provide both fun and healthier life actually. The Read more about Choosing Bicycle Manufacturers[…]

bike brake pads

How To Install The New Bicycle Brake Pads

Bicycle brake pads are essential for your bikes. They help you in terms of stopping the bike even when it is running at high speed. Basically, your entire braking system greatly depends on these pads, so when it comes to perfect braking, these pads must be always in their best conditions. If you use the bicycle Read more about How To Install The New Bicycle Brake Pads[…]

bike frame

Bike Frame Materials

Arguably the biggest decision ahead of you when choosing a road bike revolves around the bike frame and what material it’s made from. Different bike frame materials offer different levels of comfort and feel, durability and shelf life, dictate the weight of the complete bike, and of course, affect the cost. Granted manufacturers will use the Read more about Bike Frame Materials[…]

saddle selection

Saddle Posture and Saddle Selection

Two important that cyclist need to know are saddle posture and saddle selection. The right saddle and the right posture can reduce pressure on your crotch, and also minimize chances of saddle sores. However, there is no one saddle posture that fits all. Even saddle selection depends on your riding technique. The best that can be Read more about Saddle Posture and Saddle Selection[…]

saddle sores

It is needed to avoid saddle sores

Bike Saddle is the important riding tool. The saddle can be minimized and reduced crotch pressure. Selecting saddle depends on your riding technique. The saddle should be wide enough which is recommended to enable the “sit bones” to support your body’s weight on a saddle. This saddle may be painful, harmful and distracting. Sometimes it Read more about It is needed to avoid saddle sores[…]

Bicycle Lock

Bicycle Locks

Types of Bicycle Locks The vast majority of cycle thefts are opportunist thefts. Someone sees a bike which is not secured or secured badly and take it because it’s easy to do so. This is particularly common when riders “just nip into the shop” and are away for just a few minutes. The trouble is Read more about Bicycle Locks[…]