Ten Ways to Get the Most out of Mountain Bikes

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Tips to Get the Most out of Mountain Bikes

Many people are approaching the sport of mountain biking for the first time due to their huge surge in popularity in recent times. It can be difficult to know what to look for and what to do when you’re planning to ride in a new environment even if you are used to riding road bikes. To get the most out of your mountain bike follow the 10 tips below:

1. Take the time to select the bike that is right for you and one that fits you properly rather than gravitating towards the first impressive looking mountain bike you see. To check the fit and comfort take the bike for a test ride.

2. You may think that it doesn’t make much sense to spend a lot of money on a mountain bike without knowing first how much you will like riding it. While it’s a fact that the pricey mountain bikes offer advantages to experienced riders, it’s still worth spending your money on a good bike and avoids costly repairs in the future. You should figure on spending between six and eight hundred dollars on your first mountain bike.

3. Select the correct wheels. Since the wheels will obviously take most of the abuse and wear, make sure you choose the right tires based on the type of terrain and trails you plan to ride on and how much off-road riding you think you will be doing.

4. Easy on the brakes. You need to learn how to cruise to ride a mountain bike effectively. Although it may not feel like it, you are more stable the faster you are going. When you’re riding on long downhill slopes let your mountain bike take the strain, using that momentum for the next rise.

5. Learn about the local trails. There isn’t much point in buying a mountain bike and not knowing where and how to ride it. Mountain bike clubs are sprouting up all over the world and they can recommend the best trails for you to ride on in your locale.

6. Play it safe. It’s inevitable that you’ll fall sooner or later if you are riding your mountain bike hard. It’s of most importance that sure purchase (and wear) a good helmet. Some mountain bikers like to make use of protective paddings such as chest protectors, gloves, elbow and knee pads.

7. Look after your bike. Cleaning and storing your mountain bike correctly can make it perform better and last much longer. You will save money on repairs by investing some time and effort.

8. Build up gradually. You may feel tempted to spend all day riding when you first get a mountain bike. Your muscles can become strained in unexpected ways when riding on the trail. It’s important that you get used to the new experience and pace yourself as such. If you strain a muscle it could sideline you for weeks.

9. Develop a taste for adventure. You can go to places you may never have thought of going before on your mountain bike. You can find advice on the wide range of new riding experiences now open to you from bike shops, clubs, and magazines.

10. Have fun! While the regular run of the mill bikes may simply be a form of transportation, mountain bikes are all about having a lot of fun.