Mountain Bike Wheels – TIPs To Buying

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Tips To Buy Your Mountain Bike Wheels

Tips To Buy Your Mountain Bike WheelsBefore going out on your mission to buy a new mountain bike all you need is to ensure that you have the money to invest in quality parts which have some specific features. This is because quality products result in a good quality mountain bike as well as a comfortable ride. Mountain bike wheel is one such part of a mountain bike which requires attention to detail.

The purchase of mountain bikes does not have to be a difficult mission. Hunting for a quality bike keeping specific features in mind is a good idea. Deciding the features such as the suspension, whether dual or single, the type of steel and the type of frame, whether carbon fiber or titanium, the type of brakes whether disc or rim can help you set your criteria for your dream mountain bike.

Similarly, mountain bike wheels are also an important feature. Specific attention is to be paid to the rims of the wheel, the traction of the tire and the choice of whether you want a tubeless or some other kind of tire.


Taking the right decision regarding the rims is very important and thus must be done with a lot of consideration and thought. Your mountain bike wheels are mounted on rims and thus this feature requires your special attention before your invest.

While purchasing wheel rims the concept is the same as any other purchase, quality products mean more expense but result in a good and sensible investment. Therefore the more you invest in your wheel rim the better it will be for your bike. Wheel rims are generally constructed using steel or aluminum.

Rims consist of spokes and nipples and if you buy a good quality rim it will have fewer spokes, trick spoke lacing as well as hidden nipples. The raised attachments on the rim of the wheel which are used to connect the spokes to the rim are termed as rim nipples.


Traction is the next important feature to attend to while buying your new mountain bike. Traction helps to generate the grip between the bike and the course surface. Therefore if the biker is used to ride on difficult trails he should ensure that the traction of his bike is adaptable to such type of trails.

Tires also have treads and prominent treads allow better traction and thus result in the better grip of the tire with the surface. Treads may have deep patterns or may also be pattern-less and plain. There are also tires with detailed treads which are very prominent and these are very useful for the biker because of the grip they provide.


The type of tire that you wants really depends on your choice. The option of tubeless tires available nowadays is preferred since it eliminates the common problem of a puncture.

These common punctures are caused when the hard rim presses against the inner tube and such punctures are aptly termed as pinch flat.

Tubeless tires can be operated on low tire pressure allowing better speed, improved traction and easy and comfortable riding.