Which bike pump is your best choice? floor pumps?

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If you have a bike or even you are a passionate biker, one thing you must do is that you always need to check your bike tires and make sure they’re inflated before riding. I think most of the American families have bicycles for sports and another purpose of use. In order to keep a suitable pressure in your tires, of course, you need a bike pump. With bike pump, you can make your tires properly inflate.

We know that there are many bike pumps, like foot-operated pumps, frame-mounted pumps and mini pumps fro on the road, floor pumps for your home or workplace or track pumps, CO2 pumps for quick, hand pumps and double action pumps. But the most common and popular bike pumps are floor pumps.

floor pumps
Before pumping up your tires, you must know the PSI, Pounds Per Square Inch. You can find PSI at the side of your tire. You must make sure your tires are in the right range of PSI. Too high, your tires will be damaged, too low, your bike will can’t be ridden.

Also, the floor pumps are the most accurate and easiest pumps to use. They are designed to be used at home or in a bike shop. Normally an accurate gauge is placed in the floor pump to show your PSI of your tire you are pumping up. The higher end floor pumps are usually compatible with both a Schrader or Presta valve and simply clip on to the valve. These floor pumps are easy to use and work well, but they are not portable. So they only can be used before or after riding. But don’t care about it. If you are not a passionate biker and you don’t always ride for a long distance, the floor pumps are enough. Just check your PSI of your tire before riding. If it is low, pump up your tires.

If you have to rid for a long distance and always do that, I think you need a frame mounted pump or a mini pump, or a CO2 pump for an emergent use. These pumps don’t have the same power of floor pumps, but at least they can make you go home on time. Frame mounted pumps and mini pumps are similar. The difference is the size. Frame mounted pumps are larger than mini pumps and will get mounted to the frame of your bike. When you use them for your tires, you will find it’s harder to pump up than floor pumps, because of its smaller size.

The CO2 pump is another portable pump for your riding. The compressed air in this pump inflates your tube much quicker than a hand pump and it can inflate to a higher PSI if you use it right.  Normally you need to prepare at least two of them. And each of them will cost you at least $3.50. One thing must be remembered that the CO2 pump only can be used once.

My suggestion is that you’d better prepare 2 or 3 types of the bike pump. A floor pump is a must contained around your home for a normal use. 1 or 2 portable pumps are needed if you need to rid for a long distance or a long time for an emergent purpose of use. Other things you need are a patch kit or spare tube.