Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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Purchasing a woman’s full suspension mountain bike is much like purchasing one for a man. Naturally, women look for slightly different features in such a bike than men, however, there is a wide selection of these bikes available. A mountain bike featuring a woman’s specific design–WSD–offers a greater likelihood that she will enjoy a more comfortable fit without finding it necessary to modify the bike. Many factors must be considered when purchasing a women’s full suspension mountain bike.

Women Basic Bicycle Features

Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Mountain bike

No matter the model, women’s bicycle frames typically feature an upper tube that attaches in the middle of the seat tube rather than on top. This allows for a lower stand-over height. The body makes contact with a bicycle in three areas: the peddles, seat and handlebars. Mountain bikes that cater for women are shorter and smaller, as most women are not as tall or heavy in stature as are men. The majority of models can be custom fitted at a professional bicycle shop. Handlebars on a WSD bike generally have a shorter reach and are narrower in design. The distance between the bottom and top of the handlebars is called the handlebar drop, and as women typically have smaller hands than men, a smaller drop is more appropriate.

Women Mountain Bike Features

Mountain bikes are manufactured to be durable enough so that the rough treatment and abuse they are subjected to can be well tolerated. They also offer stability and comfort when one rides over rough or inconsistent terrain, as is seen with an authentic mountain that has not been landscaped by human hands. Their durability and high level of performance are due in part, to their fat tires, which do not roll as easily as traditional road tires.

Variety in Design

There are a wide variety of Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bikes from which to choose, and what may be right for one woman may not be right for the next. One should compare the features and benefits of several models before making a final selection. Some women prefer a single-pivot design which requires little maintenance, as its design is relatively simple.

A sweet-spot design may be ideal as these are a lovely choice in a cross-country, all-purpose mountain bike. With these models, the suspension is somewhat isolated from the pedaling mechanism. One may also wish to consider the purchase of a Horst-link strut design. These are regarded by many to be the best choice in terms of a high-performance bike, however, they are heavier and more expensive than other models and may also need more maintenance. A linkage or rocker design provides a very attractive choice for many riders, and as these are more single purpose by design, they are also more suitable for downhill riders.

Choosing the Right Full Suspension Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Clutch 1 Full Suspension Mountianbike

Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Clutch 1 Full Suspension Mountain bike

It goes without saying that full suspension bikes are substantially more comfortable than hard tails, with regard to biking over unforgiving terrain. However, one must still make sure that she chooses the best model for her individual needs. Several times a year there seems to be a brilliant, new full suspension design hitting the market, and one must consider these new models whilst still bearing in mind that there are quite a few tried and true favorites out there, as well.

When choosing a bike, one should stand above it and ensure that her feet can comfortably touch the ground. This is an essential consideration with regard to a mountain bike as one might need to jump off on short notice in order to avoid a wipeout. The frame should be one which provides a comfortable, upright riding position for the rider. If the handlebar drop is too short it will inhibit a person’s ability to stand up and pedal, which in turn, can cause the bike to tip backward, especially during climbs on steep terrain.

Once a person has completed a subjective assessment with regard to the feel of the bike, the remainder of the selection process comes down to a matter of personal preference. With a little time and effort, the ideal women’s full suspension mountain bike can be found to suit any budget or lifestyle.

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