Privacy Policy

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What data do we collect?


When you visit the You and Your Hormones website, we give your computer a small text file known as a cookie, which we can access if you return to the site in the future and use the same browser. For the purpose of analyzing our cookie data, we make use of Google Analytics, a third-party service offered by Google LLC.

In order to ensure that the site runs well, we gather and store this information in order to automatically populate your login information as well as to identify and analyze patterns in how our users interact with the site. We will never use or share your cookie data in a way that allows us to identify you as an individual.

You may modify your cookie preferences for this website at any time by visiting the ‘cookie settings' link in the footer of our website (at the bottom of every page on this site).

How is my information stored?

The information you send to us through this website is saved on the Society for Endocrinology's computer systems on a secure remote server, which is accessible only by authorized users. Your information is protected from unauthorised access, misuse, and loss through the application of strict security rules and technical means that we have put in place. Any personal information that we collect and store is kept safe and secure, and is only accessed by those who need to know. Individuals' data is only retained for as long as is necessary, and it will be safely disposed of in accordance with applicable laws and regulations when it is no longer required.


We do not share your personal information with any third parties unless it is absolutely necessary for the objectives for which you have provided your information, to comply with our legal responsibilities, or to maintain the integrity of our data systems.

Links to third party websites

It is possible that this website will contain links to other websites. Third-party websites are not covered by this privacy policy, and we advise our users to review the privacy policies of these third-party websites before using their services.
Your legal rights are as follows:
You have the right to inspect and obtain copies of any personal information that Bioscientifica Ltd may have on you. If we do have information about you, we will provide you with the following information upon your request:

provide you with a description of the information we have on you and explain why we are keeping this information about you.

advise you of who this information may be exposed to and provide you with a copy of the information in an understandable way.
Contact the following address if you would want access to your personal information :

Email: [email protected]

Modifications to this privacy statement
Any modifications we make to this privacy policy will be made visible on this website, and the old version will be archived. It is our policy to not make any changes to the way in which we use your personal data unless we have first obtained your consent to do so.