Fantastic EUY Folding Electric Bike for Grown ups,48V 20AH Removable Lithium Battery, 750W Motor 30MPH Electric Bicycle, 20″ Body fat Tire Electric powered Commuter Seashore Snow Bicycle , Shimano 7-Velocity,Dual Shock Absorber



The EUY Folding Electric Bike for Adults is a powerful 750W e-bike with a durable design, excellent brakes, and versatile riding modes. It offers a top speed of 30 MPH, making it suitable for commuting and adventurous rides. Plus, it’s 90% pre-assembled for easy setup.

750W Standard Output Power (1000 Watts peak output): This feature highlights the bike’s powerful motor, which is essential for acceleration, climbing hills, and achieving high speeds. It deserves a top ranking as it directly affects the bike’s performance.

Quality Design: The mention of an ultra-durable aluminum alloy one-piece wheel and its benefits in terms of load capacity and stability is a significant feature. It’s important for the bike’s long-term durability and performance, deserving a high ranking.

Excellent Riding Experience: Features like the EABS electric power-off brake, front and rear double disc brakes, and the 7-speed transmission system contribute to the bike’s safety and overall riding experience. These deserve a positive ranking.

Three Riding Modes: Offering multiple riding modes, including e-bike, pedal-assist, and standard bike modes, caters to different preferences and needs. This versatility is valuable and deserves a good ranking.

Frame & Display: The design and adjustability of the frame, as well as the inclusion of an LCD display with essential information, USB charging port, fenders, and rear shelf, contribute to the bike’s comfort and utility. These features are important for user experience and should be rated positively.

90% Assembled for Foldable Packed: The mention that the bike comes mostly pre-assembled is a user-friendly feature, as it reduces the assembly effort required by the buyer. It deserves a positive ranking.

Control Mechanism Note: While not a product feature, the note about the control mechanism is essential information for the user and should be rated positively for clarity.

Overall, this electric bike appears to offer a powerful motor, high-quality design, safety features, and a comfortable riding experience. Its versatility in riding modes and user-friendly assembly are additional advantages. The note about the control mechanism is also a helpful addition for users.

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Bike Type

‎Electric Bike



Wheel Size

‎20 Inches

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