Mongoose Dolomite Mens and Womens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Adult Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Navy Blue Sports & Outdoors

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Product information

Bike Type ‎Mountain Bike

Age Range (Description) ‎Adult

Brand ‎Mongoose

Number of Speeds ‎7

Color ‎Navy Blue

Wheel Size ‎26 Inches

Frame Material ‎Alloy Steel

Suspension Type ‎Rigid

Special Feature ‎fat tire, Lightweight, mountain bike

Included Components ‎Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike

Size ‎17-Inch/Medium

Brake Style ‎Disc

Specific Uses For Product ‎Trail

Item Weight ‎52 Pounds

Model Name ‎Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike

Maximum Weight Recommendation ‎301 Pounds

Assembly Required ‎No

Is Autographed ‎No

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎61 x 30 x 10 inches

Package Weight ‎25.4 Kilograms

Brand Name ‎Mongoose

Warranty Description ‎Limited Lifetime Warranty

Material ‎other

Suggested Users ‎unisex-adult

Number of Items ‎1

Manufacturer ‎Pacific Cycle, Inc.

Part Number ‎R4144

Sport Type ‎Cycling, Outdoor Lifestyle


Date First Available March 24, 2014

Bike Type Mountain Bike

Age Range (Description) Adult

Brand Mongoose

Number of Speeds 7

Color Navy Blue

Wheel Size 26 Inches

Frame Material Alloy Steel

Suspension Type Rigid

Special Feature fat tire, Lightweight, mountain bike

Included Components Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike

Technical Details

Bike Type ‎Mountain Bike Age Range (Description) ‎Adult Brand ‎Mongoose Number of Speeds ‎7 Color ‎Navy Blue Wheel Size ‎26 Inches Frame Material ‎Alloy Steel Suspension Type ‎Rigid Special Feature ‎fat tire, Lightweight, mountain bike Included Components ‎Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Size ‎17-Inch/Medium Brake Style ‎Disc Specific Uses For Product ‎Trail Item Weight ‎52 Pounds Model Name ‎Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike Maximum Weight Recommendation ‎301 Pounds Assembly Required ‎No Is Autographed ‎No Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎61 x 30 x 10 inches Package Weight ‎25.4 Kilograms Brand Name ‎Mongoose Warranty Description ‎Limited Lifetime Warranty Material ‎other Suggested Users ‎unisex-adult Number of Items ‎1 Manufacturer ‎Pacific Cycle, Inc. Part Number ‎R4144 Sport Type ‎Cycling, Outdoor Lifestyle


Additional information




Light Blue, Navy Blue, Red

Bike Type

Mountain Bike

Age Range (Description)




Number of Speeds


Wheel Size

26 Inches

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Suspension Type


Special Feature

fat tire, Lightweight, mountain bike

Included Components

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike

Brake Style


Specific Uses For Product


Item Weight

‎52 Pounds

Model Name

‎Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike

Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎301 Pounds

Assembly Required


Is Autographed


Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎61 x 30 x 10 inches

Package Weight

‎25.4 Kilograms

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎Limited Lifetime Warranty



Suggested Users


Number of Items



‎Pacific Cycle, Inc.

Part Number


Sport Type

‎Cycling, Outdoor Lifestyle



Date First Available

March 24, 2014

51 reviews for Mongoose Dolomite Mens and Womens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Adult Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Navy Blue Sports & Outdoors

  1. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far so good…

    I’m 6’4, 345# and this bike feels safe. I paid for a local bike shop to put it together just for peace of mind. I did get the cloud 9 gel seat which is a must if you’re bigger and plan to ride a lot. I didn’t buy it for mountain biking. I just wanted to have something sturdy and safe for paved trail riding. This will be just fine for that I need it for…to get my butt out in the fresh air and be more active.I also bought sturdier pedals. The ones that came with the bike were almost child size. The ones I replaced have these grippy thingies on them to help hold your shoe more securely.Some bikes are quite a bit more but I don’t need anything too elaborate.A safe sturdy bike. That’s what I want, that’s what I got.Be sure to check prices though. For some reason, this bike fluctuates in price with seemingly no rhyme or reason. It’s been listed for $519.99 but I was able to get it for $279.99!Big price difference!

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  2. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Go slow and ask for help from others!

    My bike arrived via FedEx in perfect condition, not one thing was wrong with it, the box didn’t have as much as a smudge on it! I had some concerns reading other reviews and the mishandling by the shipping company. Kudos to FedEx!And to Mongoose for the way the bike was packaged!The only problem I had was getting the front tire mounted. The brake caliper would not allow the brake rotor to slip into it. There were no instructions on how to adjust the caliper, just a vague “Insert here, allow equal clearance on both sides of the rotor”. Finally, a fellow biker with experience in disc brakes lent a hand and the wheel did just slip in!The instructions are a bit fiddly, being a combination of every bike Mongoose makes, you have to figure out what type you have and follow only those directions, but go slowly and you will get it. This is not a light weight bike! (Nor did I expect it to be) But when I actually rode it for the first time I was surprised at the weight. My other bike is a Gary Fisher Marlin and weighs 15 pounds, but, I cannot ride it on some trails around here, too much erosion, and only bikes with tire widths over 3.5 inches are allowed, thus my purchase. The only thing I have added to this bike was fenders. The front tire kicks up a lot of dirt, mud, sand, ice, snow, water, whatever you are ridding in, and as it is spring here, I am riding in all those! I am very happy with this bike!

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  3. 4 out of 5

    Rick Mccormick

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    overall a good value for entry level bike

    Paid a little about $300 including tax. Nothing was damaged on my bike, although I can see how easily it could sustain damage if not handled gently during shipping.The brakes and derailer look a little light duty, but is adequate for my use.The rest of the bike appears to be very well built. Just make sure you match the ‘L’ and ‘R’ on the peddles and peddle arms and they screw in easily. Before you ride the bike, turn it upside down and make sure the wheels turn without any interference and try the brakes to make sure every thing is assembled properly. These seem to be marked down to less than $300 dollars about once a week, but not for very long. Don’t know if I would have been happy with it if I had paid the ‘list’ $519. But for $279 plus tax II think it was a good value.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Christopher James McKeonChristopher James McKeon

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This bike is awesome, get one!

    Ok, I literally just got this bike a few hours ago. I slapped it together in just under an hour. Nothing about the assembly was difficult. I never even opened the instruction booklet. The hardest part was putting on the pedals. My adjustable wrench got a little bound up as I tightened them on, no big deal. I live in a rural area of North Central Florida and all the roads in my neighborhood are sugar sand. This bike glides through it in first gear with ease. My 64 year old mother-in-law who has had knee replacement surgery just road it around our circular driveway several times, through loose sand, bumps, rocks and roots with no problem. It was perfectly adjusted right out of the box, the brakes, the gear shifter, everything worked great. The only issue I’ve had is the twist shifter is VERY sensitive, and to my knowledge that sensitivity is not adjustable. However, I’ve also had bikes with twist shifters that were so hard to shift when my hand was sweaty that it just wasnt possible. So, maybe a sensitive twist shifter could be considered a good thing. It doesnt really matter in the long run because im chainging out the twist shifter with a shimmano rapid fire, like many people who buy this bike do. Long story short, this bike is awesome, and you should get one. Stay tuned for updates because I’m turning this awesome fat bike into an awesome fat ebike.7/27/18Posted a pic of the newly assembled ebike. I call her, The Fatgoose:-48v 1000w Aosom front hub motor kit for 26″x4″ tire in the front.-48v 1000w 15ah (720wh) Joyisi lithium ion battery in the rear. (Came with rear rack.)-EZ trainer adult training wheels mounting bracket with quick release hardware installed. (To facilitate mounting of the rear rack that came with the battery)-Nighteyes 1200 lumen headlight with rechargeable lithium ion battery. (With bonus taillight.)-Shimmano rapid fire 7 speed shifter.-Soongo wireless speedometer. (With bonus tailight.)-Round sideview mirror-Giddyup comfy memory foam seat with integrated tailight.

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  5. 4 out of 5

    Mr. Frodo

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the wait

    I had to wait two months before the bike was delivered, but the wait was worth it. This is a very sturdy bike and I am large so it’s nice to have something that can handle my fat ass. I ordered risers for the handle bar and had to swap out that seat.And let’s talk about that seat for a minute…Mongoose, listen up. I would gladly pay an additional $30 if you guys provided an option that wasn’t made out of concrete. You see, there are these things men have called testicles and the seat you have chosen, I suspect as a joke, seems to ignore that fact. 10 minutes on that seat and it feels like you’re putting your balls in a vice.I also like the way the gears are set up. There is only one sprocket on the pedals instead of two sprockets like most other bikes. This is less hassle and less can go wrong, you don’t have as many gears but it is adequate for everything that I need.The instructions were so so, I would recommend somebody put together a YouTube video which would make it a lot easier to see somebody actually do it. I was able to find bits and pieces that helped me but one video for the bike would be excellent.

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  6. 4 out of 5

    Mark Howard

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A big boy’s bike with a lot of variations.

    Liked that bike came mostly assembled (front wheel, seat, handlebars and pedals were only pieces needing attached). Nike is fairly sturdy feeling and tires make a cool road noiseThings that could have been better:1. Design changes on my version I received did not match my owners manual. Example is front wheel space cifically calls out that the drop out notch should face as far front as it can (image showed notch curing frontwards). My bike, the notch out is actually towards the rear (I had to confirm with Pacific service).2. Cabling stated should have been in unlinked and curve back inward towards bike frame. Two of my three cables did but third was misaligned and ran across top of tire. Manual doesn’t instruct on how to realign brake cables.3. Handlebar assembly instructions assume that handlebars are already mounted in the steerage bracket. That took me a little bit to realize why I couldn’t make sense of the directions.4. Seat installation. This was most minor of issues but when you unlock the seat release clamp, the entire assembly wants to separate. Easy enough to gh to deal with once you expect it, though.My bike may have just been a Friday job and the outlier but it does Mar the enjoyment experience when you have to stop, cool down and come back later when calmer.

  7. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A very good bike

    I orderded this bike back around the end of july and the delivery said it wouldnt be in until the middle of september. I recived it just yesterday so the shipping was way faster than what it could have been. Well upon opening it i expected to have a huge project on assembling it. Only parts that needed assembled was the front tire, handle bars, seat, and pedals. In all with my 4 year old son helping it might have taken me an hour maybe less counting letting my boys set on it and play around bc they thought it was the coolest thing ever was. The tires were fully inflated and so after adjusting the seat i took it out to test it. Now i havent rode a bicycle in probably 20 years and i bought this one to get out and get more exercise and being a really big guy at around 400 lbs i chose this one bc it said it would hold me. It held me just fine, however the old saying just like riding a bike doesnt apply to me apparently bc thats when i figured out that i dont remember how to ride a bike. It took me a few tries, but i finally got it going even though i was pretty wobbly. so after a little practice i know im going to enjoy this bike even more. My only fault is the gear shifter is a twist knob on the handle bar and my hand kept accidentally shifting gears on me. Thats just something i have to get used to though. I really like it and I dont think anyone would go wrong in buying it. I think the price has raised since i bought mine but compared to prices on other bikes like it its still cheaper and well worth the price

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  8. 3 out of 5


    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Questionable quality. Heavy.

    Bike is very heavy. I knew this ahead of time but wow. I have several quality issues on delivery. Torn decals. Bottle holder nut not seated in frame so it can’t be used or repaired without causing bigger issues. Derailleur way out of adjustment. That one I fixed. Disappointed in this purchase.

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  9. 4 out of 5

    R. Rocco

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Update after riding for two months.

    This bike is a beast! It’s very heavy, difficult to assemble with no instructions or tools. I’m an avid cyclist with 45 years of experience maintaining my bikes. At 73, I’m at the highest fitness level of my life so I can handle this beast on flat ground but steep hills are out. I rode 10 miles today but it felt like 25. I only recommended this bike for younger and very fit cyclists. I strongly recommend motorized fat tire bikes. I will ride it occasionally on flat trails only for an variable aerobic experience. The bike was poorly packed in a damaged carton so there was some cosmetic damage. Once assembled it rides okay but I was surprised at the effort required to move at even moderate speed. It’s okay at this price point but I wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known what I was getting into. I should’ve done more research on fat tire bikes. I have three other bikes that provide a different riding experience so this will be another useful option. Nobody should purchase this as their first or only bike!Updated reviewI have learned to enjoy and appreciate this bike much more than I originally expected. Once assembled and adjusted to my specifications, I am experiencing an extremely challenging ride. The bike is surprisingly well designed and constructed for this price point. However, I have been riding very seriously for 45 years but this bike is a major challenge. It’s a motorcycle without a motor. It feels like pulling a trailer up a steep incline. I ride ten miles 4-5 days per week on flat pavement. I am quite physically fit but I will never ride on an unpaved trail either flat or hilly. Not possible without electric motor assistance. However, the challenge of riding this bike is extremely beneficial physically as an element of the other riding I do every day. This is not my only bike and I don’t recommend the same for anyone. It requires a high level of fitness and patience for a period of adjustment to the challenge weight and resistance. Weeks later, I enjoy riding this bike within limits and I’m happy I purchased it. The price point is somewhat unusual for a product of this quality. It’s not easy to assemble and requires a lot of adjustment. The packaging is somewhat inadequate so I had some cosmetic damage but no problems mechanically. The seat post didn’t fit the frame and the brake handles required tweaking. The disc brakes are inadequate for the bike this heavy. Quick stops and down hill braking will be difficult. The seat is small and uncomfortable however the seven gears work well enough and are adequate for flat paved surfaces. I’m still calling it a beast but I can conquer comfortably it now.

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  10. 5 out of 5

    Amy Geng

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best deal ever

    We are so happy for this purchase, it was the best deal

  11. 4 out of 5

    C. MitchellC. Mitchell

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Entry Level Bike (with a few adjustments)

    I believe this is a great bike as long as you enter into the purchase with the right expectations. The price point for this bike isn’t cheap, but this is an entry level fat tire bike. After putting in roughly 75 miles on road and trails, I can say that this is a great entry level bike for the money!Pros-Great for overweight riders-Navigates well through road and trails-Was easy to assemble (did not have any assembly issues I had read about in other reviews)-It’s a nice looking bike. I’ve received many comments on how cool the bike looks!Cons-Bike Weight – This bike is heavy! It’s a beast of a bike. Double up your protein shakes and hit the gym if you’re going to lug this bike around everywhere you go.-Shipping – There’s not much protecting the bike in shipping. Mine made it unscathed, but I now understand the negative reviews I read about damage during shipment.-The seat…..I saw many negative reviews on the seat being laughably small. It’s tiny. It’s uncomfortable. It’s terrible. Spend the extra $30-$40 for a nice seat as it makes a huge difference in the ride. In my picture I have the bike fitted with a Cloud 9 seat. I would recommend Cloud 9 or YLG oversized comfort seat. I bought both and they are both great!- I have had to adjust the gears a few times to keep the gears from slipping out of low gear. I am no bike mechanic, so I’ve relied on online video tutorials to properly adjust the bike. It hasn’t been a major issue, and is fixable. This goes back to the bike being more of an entry level bike. Expect to put extra time/money into it to make it exactly what you want.Reading some of the negative reviews it sounds like there have been quality issues with shipping and bike construction. However, it looks like I got a good one. I would definitely recommend this bike for any casual rider looking to get out and ride their local streets/trails.

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  12. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Only used for a few harsh vegas rocky trail sessions as of this review, but….

    I’ve had a great experience so far. Assembly was pretty straight forward. The only issue I had was the front brake disc was slightly rubbing on the caliper pad. I tried making adjustments during the assembly, but just couldn’t get it to not rub.After my first couple of sessions, it seemed to have “fixed itself”. Eventually it will get a tune up.

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  13. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great starter bike.

    I bought the Mongoose Dolomite because I am a big guy, and knowing that mods were coming. Assembly was pretty straight forward, and the derailleur needed no adjustment so far. It was pretty much ridable straight out of the box after some assembly. I did replace the plastic pedals before my first ride (MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong CNC Machined 9/16″ Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals). I wish I had waited for the seat replacement to come in. The Giddy Up! Bike Seat made a lot of difference to the ride. The twist shifter, for me. tends to change gearing while I and mounting the bike and and kicking off to start my ride, and there is a pretty big gap in the gearing. The bike itself is pretty hefty coming in at a little over 45lbs, upgrading to a megarange cassette (SunRace 13-34 8sp) should help power this beast over hills with a little more ease. The twist shifter is definitely getting removed and replaced by a RapidFire 8 speed shifter and Shimano Altus derailleur. This is a good bike straight out of the box, and it is was listed in the top 5 by many of the reviews I found for Fat Tire MTBs. Something that appealed to me was, mods are fairly inexpensive, and not that difficult to install if you are handy with tools. There’s plenty of helpful videos with recommendations, and walkthrough of the install procedures. So far, I am very happy with my purchase.

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  14. 4 out of 5

    Richard A.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Bang For Your Buck!

    Let me start off by saying that obviously this bike is not for the cycling elitists out there.This is a really good bike for the money and a great entry-level Fat Bike for those who want to dip their toes without dishing out upwards of $1000 for a Mukluk, Surly or other high-end bike.This bike is “heavy” sure, again, compared to its high-end counterparts. To the rider who is used to Huffy, Mongoose, Pacific or really any bike bought at any non-cycle shop, it is not that heavy. Now, the weight may be an issue if you intend to ride up & down hills all day but I live in Houston, where it is very flat. The occasional incline that I face is not too difficult to climb.This bike is sexy and the 4.25″ wide red rims really make you stand out. My brother says I didn’t buy a bike, I bought a monster truck, lol.The massive wheels make it east traverse areas where regular bikes simply cannot. They are also comfortable to boot! I ride at 13 psi but might go down closer to 8 for a little more comfort & glide.My bike came double-boxed and had no dings or dents in the packaging. The bike itself was also packaged really well but the bike did have a slight scrape to the paint job where the seat post goes, which is curiously the same spot where I’ve seen other people’s Dolomites be scraped. I wonder if this happens during boxing?Setup was easy and I only have 3 complaints, two of which tie into each other:The brakes on this bike are not great and it takes a few feet to stop with the brakes held down hard while only going moderately fast. The tires don’t drag, it just doesn’t have enough brake power.This does not comply with my state’s law on bicycles, which states street legal bicycles must have “brakes capable of making the braked wheel skid: (551.104a)”.My second complaint is that the rotors seem to not be true to shape. I can hear scraping but I don’t know where; I cannot see where the rotor makes contact. If I were to adjust my brakes so as to no longer hear scraping, I would have virtually no stopping power.I plan on upgrading the brakes to Avid BB7s in order to resolve this issue. Sure, it’ll be another $120 or so but it still brings the total price lower than that of a “true fat bike”.My final complaint is the seat. It is super uncomfortable but this complaint doesn’t really count, as the seat is the same standard you see on all store-bought mountain bikes. I’ll be upgrading that soon, too.All in all, like I said, this bike gives you good bang for your buck, is a sure-fire attention grabber and super fun to ride! If you’re not an elitist (which, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if you were) and/or don’t have loads of cash but want to check out what the fat bike craze is about, I definitely recommend this bike for you!

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  15. 5 out of 5

    Christopher L. Kesler

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Bike, Great Value, Easy to Assemble

    As a kid I used to take my bikes completely apart, paint them and then reassemble them. I learned a lot about how to dismantle and reassemble bicycles. This bike came mostly assembled besides the front tire, handle bars and seat. Handle bars were actually attached to the cables for the gear shifter and the brakes.First off, the instructions, for the novice, don’t really give you everything you need when assembling this bike. I went off childhood prior knowledge. It took maybe 15 minutes to get it completely assembled, aside from me not being able to read the word “rear” on the forks when assembling that portion of the bike. Quick fix though, removed the handle bars, spun the goose neck and reinstalled the handlebars. FIXED! Filled the tires to the recommended 20psi. To get the seat to stay in place (I’m a bigger guy – 6’2″ about 265) I had to tighten the little paddle tightener down a little tighter then expected. Hoped on the bike and away I went. 20 minutes out of the box and I was riding it. I had to adjust the braking systems to work properly as they are installed but not tuned. I may have to slightly adjust the shifter as it will push the chain completely off the sprocket when I shift into 7th and push the shifter all the way forward. Not a big deal, just needs a quick tune. Immediately took it on a 6 mile ride, roads, sand, back woods and it performed excellent for me. I am not a professional biker, I do not go flying through the woods to get my adrenaline fix. I’m also older so I like a good workout but not an adrenaline rush. This book works perfect for exactly what I needed it to do. Since I did just receive this bike if any unpleasant updates come along I’ll update them here. Currently it’s a really nice looking bike and rides really well. OH, and it’s a little heavier then your expensive titanium or aluminum or whatever bikes. You’ll know you have something sturdy when you try to pick this thing up. It’s heavy duty. So far I would recommend this to anyone that loves to ride and also loves the idea of having a wide track when riding through sand, mud, dirt or snow.

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  16. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great bike, great price. No way in the world I would pay over $1000 for a Fat Tire Bike when this monster is available for 1/3rd

    This bike is awesome. First of all, this isnt some $1500+, lightweight fancy pants bike. If that is what you are looking for then why are you looking at a $300 bike in the first place. This bike is sturdy and tough, it has some weight to it but that is because its solid. I ordered this bike on a Sunday morning and it arrived on Tuesday morning. Talk about fast shipping. The box had some dings and small tears but nothng that worried me. Taking the bike out of the box, it was nice to see is was very secure. No loose pieces, everything tied and wrapped together. Assemble was a breeze. The rear wheel is already on. Installing the front wheel was easy but take your time. This was the first time I ever worked with disc brakes on a bike and it took a second to get everything to line up. The handle bars just needed aligning and tightening, pedals were properly marked with arrows indication which side and way to tighten, and the seat was quickly installed. FINE TUNING. The rear gears and rear brake were already perfect and didnt need any adjustment. The front wheel did. The rotor was dragging against the pads big time. It took me about 5 minutes to loosen and adjust the front caliper to get the proper alignment and then adjust the pads so the wheel turned freely. No big deal, you can figure it out if you have an inkling of mechanical knowledge. Now ready to air the tires. Make sure you have an electric pump. I put 30psi in each tire with an hand pump and was exhausted. These tires are huge. FIRST RIDE. The brakes will need some adjusting afterwards. Just because they are disc brakes, you will not stop on a dime but the brakes are very effective and a lot better than the old style. There is a lot of road noise from the tires. Wasn’t expecting that but can totally understand it. Twist gear shift works great, uphill climbs are a piece of cake in high gear, mid range is great for cruising. Easily completed 6 mile trip first time out with no issues. WHAT I’VE NOTICED. I am 6’4. 295 pounds. The bike says its rated for 250 pounds but it does not mind the extra 45 pounds at all. I felt the hand grips were too small, not big enough around to grip comfortably. The right grip is also a half grip because if the shifter. I did inadvertanely shift grears a couple of times by accident because my hands are big. A trip to the bike shop and a new pair of larger grips with paddles on the end fixed that. Rolled the factory grips off and install the new ones. I loosened the right brake lever and gear selecter and moved them further in so now both handles are full size. Changing gears and braking is no problem and the new grips are much more comfortable. The factory pedals felt very small to me, not wide enough. Bought some BMX pedals which were about an inch and a half wider and now have a very firm platform when pedaling. There are two reflectors on the back frame. My right foot kept hitting one. It had to go. The only thing I think I might do now if see if I cant get handlebars that come up a little higher. Since I ahd the seat so tall, I am leaned over more than I like. Just a comfort thing. I changed out the seat with a wider one cause my butt is wider too but the factory seat is very nice. PUBLIC REACTION. Get ready to answer questions when you go out. THis bike gets the stares from everyone. I’ve had people pull up next to me in cars and ask me what it is. It draws a crowd so do not leave it unsecure. I even had a discussion where one of those people who spend all the big money on road bikes and wear the bike shorts and race jerseys was criticizing my bike as not being a real bike. He left in a huff when I pointed out my bike didn’t cost a house payment, I can go any place he can go but he cant do the same and I get more of a workout making those big ass tires move compared to his skinny ones. I have not seen another Fat Tire Bike where I live, it very unique. I think you will love the bike if you buy it. Just know you are buying a Mongoose and not a Cannondale. Ride it and have fun, like it was designed for.

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  17. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Big bike for a big guy

    Recently took up riding to get some exercise and I wanted to get a bike that would support my weight of 365lbs without going too expensive, just in case it turned out to be something I couldn’t do or wouldn’t like. After a lot of research, the Dolomite seemed to be a great fit because of the high weight limit and I knew that if I got a bike for smaller people and it broke on me while I was riding, then my self esteem would take a huge hit and I wouldn’t do it again.To make it simple, I love the bike and ride it every morning. I’ve lost about 15lbs since I started along with making some dietary changes and I look forward to riding. So I definitely recommend getting it if you are in the same boat as me.Some things I recommend:- Get a big cruiser type seat like the C9, because the stock seat hurts.- Get bike chain oil, dry and wet, and use some before your first ride and go from there.- The tires had about 5psi in them out of the box. Pump the tires up to around 20psi if you are riding on asphalt or else it will feel like trying to run through deep mud.- Get bicycle grease and put some in the bearings when putting it together.It was my first time setting up a bike and wasn’t too bad to do, maybe about an hour. If I had to do it again though and could get it done fairly quickly, I would have taken it to a bike shop and had them do it. This is because there are a couple of things I need to go back and redo or adjust.

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  18. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall ok if can get it for a reasonable price.

    As with the times we currently live in these prices arent good luckily I managed to snag this back in January when it went on sale for roughly 280. Still more than it was pre pandemic but whatever. Overall bike is ok packaging came beat up as most reviewers seems to say. For the most part bike looked new few scratches here and there and that could have been from poor packaging but when I got to the seat installation on the bike, I could not slide the seat rod into the frame. The hole in the frame was bent and wasn’t a circle. I had to use pliers and a hammer to try to round out the hole and inside it looked a bit rusted. I would have returned it but due to the price I got it for and nothing else seemed to be an issue I kept it. Overall ok bike I had to upgrade the seat, pedals, changed to a Shimano quick shifter and added new grips. Definitely better now shifting less clunky and overall smoother. I managed to find a axle / skewer long enough to do quick release on the front tired. If that is of interest I got it on here “AiTuiTui 1 Pair Bike Quick Release Axle Skewer Bicycle Hub Parts, Front & Rear Axle Hollow Shaft Kit Replacement for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, MTB, BMX” I would recommend going to a bike shop and have them inspect and tune it. I didn’t bother to do that but I guess I just rather learn and do it myself.

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  19. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Entry level fat tire

    The bike came assembled except for the handle bars – no problem. The brakes needed serious adjustment and the gears needed adjustment too. If you’re a average person who is familiar with bikes it’s no problem. Otherwise you need to find a bike shop for a few adjustments to make it rideable. Sturdy construction and not too heavy, a good choice to go fat tire biking on a budget.

  20. 4 out of 5

    Paul WilcoxPaul Wilcox

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fat tires are great for fat guys! Get a better seat too!

    At the time of this review it’s March of 2021, and I live in Land O Lakes Florida. There is not even the most basic of budget bikes available anywherr for the average overweight consumer who’s doctor may have told him to go buy a bike and peddle the weight off. Seriously, all the sporting goods departments bike sections are cleaned out.My last bike I got a few years ago, was a piece of junk mountain bike from Walmart, and I wound up selling it, after getting a gym membership. Well, right now I no longer feel safe at the gym, because I’m diabetic, heavy,, and Covid-19, so I had to break down and buy yet another darn bike. I’ve had my eye on these fat tire bikes for quite a while. I got THIS particular model for the buy now, pay later deal, and because I read a lot of good reviews here, and on YouTube as well. This bike also popped up in a few top ten lists for heavy bikers. At the time of this writing I weigh 301 lbs, and unlike my last cheap mountain bike, this one holds me fine. Doesn’t feel like it’s going to buckle under the weight. The seven speeds, and fat tires suit my needs perfectly. This bike meets all my requirements. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars, is because I had some issues with the assembly. See the manual says the treads are supposed to all go in one direction, yet the tires were mounted on the rims in the opposite direction. It’s not a huge deal, but it would require a bike shop for me to correct this. Also heavy guys….right away, get the Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel, Tri-color Black. The seat this one comes with, even though it feels nice and squishy has no suspension at all. It was painful to ride. The difference of putting on the suspension seat was like literally sitting on a different bike. That’s really all you need. I didn’t have any issues with my breaks, or handle bars. I spent some time riding through a park in my neighborhood, i took it through a lightly wooded area, I rode it over several curbs. This bike will ride over anything. Since the wheels are thick, you will be forced to pedal it harder which will give you a massive calorie burn in a pretty short period of time. Also those tires will make a very cool hum when your cruising without pedaling. It’s a cool bike, just make sure you order that extra seat too!

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  21. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy with it!

    So I was looking at the tires a knew right away they there were not “26” inches, I used a measuring tape at it was 28 inches instead of 26 inches, so make sure that a 28 inch fat bike will fit you, I love the look on the bike, everything about it is awesome. it impresive how good the breaks are for a 40-50 pound bike, they don’t stop on a dime, but they do the job to stop nicely. I got lots of compliments for the people in my neighboorhood, which was nice. But I sadly had to return it due to my son not fitting it, I hope one day we see it again a have a bunch of fat bikes in our garage, it might be a little heavy, but you will get used to it. So thats my review. I hope you guys find this help full for your look out for fat bikes!

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  22. 5 out of 5

    Todd B.Todd B.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My first fat tire bike, love it!

    I have always ridden bikes…. just for fun. I have a Fuji hybrid mountain bike….thin tires, front shocks, ect… however that bike does not do well in snow or icy trails. I wanted to buy a bike that could go over snow, to keep up biking over the winter. I searched as you you are doing, I read reviews, not knowing what to buy… so I settled on this bike. When it arrived I immediately opened and put together/due to all the reviews saying theirs were damaged in shipping… mine arrived with no damage….however the cardboard box it arrived in was flimsy/ I had no issues. I put this together and of course took it for a spin. My initial feelings were “low” about this bike. I put together and test drove while it was 70 and sunny out. I initially thought the bike was too heavy, too slow, not enough gears, brakes I felt were under powered and took too long to stop. I wanted this to be a perfect snow bike, so I also bought the cloud 9 seat and different pedals to try and make it perfect for my first snow ride…..Well we had about 3″ of snow, it was sunny and 19 degrees out. I reluctantly took this bike out. I made sure the tires were 8psi/sounds low I know/ but that is what I read to have tires set to…. So I bundled up/ opened the garage and off I went! WOW! now my feelings for this bike changed in the first mile! I was going through snow effortlessly and was so easy to pedal! No slipping or sliding! And for the “gears”…. it has all I need! Now this isn’t a “fast”bike.. I usually travel 12-14mph according to my Garmin watch…this bike I averaged 6.3mph through the snow. There was no need for any more gears, and the brakes worked perfect due to the resistance of the snow and weight of the bike. I was only using 2-3 and sometimes 1st gear. For me this is no speed bike, but a perfect get out the house in winter bike! My first winter trip on this was going to be 1-3 miles because I didn’t believe it would be enjoyable. I ended up traveling 14 miles on my first trip! My second trip was 18 miles! these/for me/ were tough miles because there is little to no “coasting” due to the resistance of the snow and weight of the bike.. so I was constantly peddling. This ended up being exactly what I was looking for.. after all it got my out of the house and exercising! My smart watch says I burned over 2,000 calories on the first 14 mile trip.

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  23. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best cheap but look at me fat tire bike

    Love the colors and the tires. Had to get it. I had to upgrade the shifter and the chain so it wouldn’t pop… I cannot keep up with my buddy’s six thousand dollar bike But at least i look cool

  24. 3 out of 5

    Texas softball dadTexas softball dad

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s heavy

    Bought 2 for us to ride in our neighborhood and when we go to the beach and elsewhere.Not sure if it’s the 4 inch wide tires or the steel frame, but this bike is heavy! 70 lbs more or less. We 70 year olds can’t handle it. Returned for refund.

  25. 3 out of 5


    3.0 out of 5 stars

    So I paid $260 for light blue, now it’s $517 wow big difference!!!!

    So seems like any good cheap bike. It’s heavy for a bike but that’s too be expected. Obviously I’d rather have a surly but not for the price. I paid $260 on here and it didn’t say it was marked down, like with a slashed price over the 260. I would feel bad if I got this for $517 not worth it. I guarantee if you see it priced as that go to instead and exercise some patience and wait a month. You’ll probably pay half price. At 260 though I doubt could beat that price. As for the 2 dudes I saw wining about instructions, that is hilarious, if you can’t thread on 2 pedals which are labled “L” and “R”. And put the handlebars in a slot that is so obviously child’s play and put on a back tire. I don’t know what to tell you. Might want to go take a “Life 101” class. Anyways I’d say I like this bike. Plan to vinyl wrap away that cheap mongoose look 👀. Thanks for the product!

  26. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Check bottom bracket

    Whatever u do, check bottom bracket before you ride. Mine was ro tight and barely any grease. Also the derailleur was tweaked towards wheel. Greased crank and used Cresent wrench to straighten derailleur hanger. Other than that not too what is for entry level.

  27. 5 out of 5

    Lauralyn Schultz

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This bike is totally fun!

    The bike came partially assembled thankfully- I am not good at putting stuff together like that – but i was able to put this together carefully and with someone checking me over and tightening – but I was told i put it together perfectly it just needed tightening. I am 250lbs and sometimes get heavier – so I wanted something that could support me – safely. Bike has disc brakes which make me feel safe when i zip down big hills!I will say that the gear shifter is unusually sensitive which can be good but i sometimes change the gear and it surprises me because my hand just hit it.I rode racing bikes for years, many years ago, (now i am old and out of shape) But what i remember most is the fear and respect around rough terrain and the inevitable sand on the roads everywhere in New England after winter passes- with a fat tire bike there is no need to dread! I go easily over pot holes, Sand, Gravel – THAT IS THE BEST PART of course is it is beautiful on any surface – but this bike can even go in snow! This i am looking forward to trying. I do think the bike was a bit expensive and I probably wouldn’t have bought it if it were not for lack of availability of ANY OTHER Options as covid seems to have caused everyone in the world to buy a pool and/or a bike! LOL But i do love the bike.

  28. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for price

    Got this for my son for x más and he loves it! It was a the best price I could find.

  29. 5 out of 5

    thomas ray lewis

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It can be outdoors

    I bought this bike when I worked in North Dakota back in 2020. It sat outside in the rain, snow, and ice. Since then I have moved to Georgia and the only thing I’ve had to do is bust off the rust from the chain and put a little air in the tires.No info on how it rides but if that happens I’ll update my review.

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  30. 4 out of 5

    Christine M Foy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Its a good beginner bike.

    If your looking for something to ride around the neighborhood and light trail riding this is nice. Go ahead and buy a new seat when you order it, stock is unbearable. Overall good entry level bike, price fluctuates, wait until it goes on sale mine was 275 next week it was 500. More of a fun bike than a professional rider.Update after a couple hundred miles their is knocking sound in the rear.

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  31. 4 out of 5

    William Slauson

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for fat people.

    I got this bike as a backup in case gas goes to $20 a gallon. I might upgrade it to an ebike. Some friends of mine assembled it and they got it almost right. You need really specific allen keys to assemble it correctly, so I still have to tweak some wire lengths. I have found it comfortable to ride, but I will probably change the seat. I am also finding that the gears slip around a bit and I wish there were more than 7. At $500, I think I got pretty well ripped off, but that’s inflation for you. As I mentioned in my headline, the bike easily bears my weight and I am over 350 pounds. I am looking forward to riding it more when it is less hot and I can afford an appropriate bike lock.

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  32. 4 out of 5

    Ken B

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good value for the price

    I’m 34 and 145 lbs. Just got the bike a few weeks ago and there seem to be no problems. I have seen other reviews stating that the shifter doesn’t work and gears skip, but that seems to be user error. When I unpacked it, it was mostly assembled and had to adjust the brake and shifter cable as well as the calipers. I don’t find that to be a problem because there are plenty of videos that show you how.The bike seat is rough to ride on, the twist shifter is cheap, and the brake levers are plastic. I bought a shimano shifter and new levers for like $40-$50 buck and a new seat for like $35 bucks. The only reason I gave the bike 4 stars is because it’s a 4 star bike. It’s a great beginner bike and with a few minor upgrades it’s great. You can’t expect to get a 5 star bike for it’s price, but the if you can replace a few minor things on it, it’s a great bike for what it is, just don’t expect to any serious climbs without changing the handle bars. The handle bars are good for regular riding not intended for slamming abuse. Don’t let people down talk this bike too much, for what it is, it’s worth the money.

  33. 4 out of 5

    That Dave Guy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good bike. Hard to Transport.

    The bike is great. I just can’t get the thing anywhere. I’ve an old Camry. Bought the Saris 2-bike trunk rack and it can’t support the bike. My fault, really, for not double checking. There are hitch style bike racks for fat tire bikes but the Camry is old with high mileage and I don’t want to invest in having one installed. I’ve tried folding the back seats down and shoving the the thing in the trunk, but to no avail. Perhaps taking off the front wheel each time I want to ride the thing out and about, is a solution. I really don’t want to. The bike itself is great – I just didn’t imagine the struggle involved in bringing the thing to the local park where there’s trails. Its the sole reason I purchased the bike. Not sure what my next move is.UPDATE – The Saris brand trunk bike rack WAS able to support this bike after all. I just needed to tighten the straps more and position the bike differently, since its center of gravity rests closer to the back wheel.

  34. 5 out of 5

    Taylor Rhodes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    They see me rollin…

    Got this for my son. He loves it! Instructions could be written better. They are for mulitiple kinds of bikes so didn’t make sense. But we figured it out and now my kid cruises in style.

  35. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This bike is really good and reliable. I’ve had it for 2 months and I’ve had no problems with it.

  36. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good bike but has its flaws.

    When I bought this bike I was 5’ 11” and 350 lbs. I bought this bike with the idea of riding to lose weight till I get low enough to get a more expensive bike in my weight limit. This bike road perfectly fine. It was ok out of the box. The twist shifter was not all that great I upgraded right away also put a new rear cassette on it for a lower first gear for hills. It wides heavy. The only issue I had with the over all set up is I believe this bike a little two small for my hieght however that is not the bikes fault it is my own. I new the size of the bike when I bought it. The reason for not giving a 5 star tho is the brakes were bad they stopped but not very well. I had a friend that weighs 125 lbs less than me try to stop at full speed and they squeal a lot and take a while to stop. Also the cheep twist shifter. The bike itself is a good bike. Just remember there is stuff that should be upgraded on it but not neccisarily needed right away. I’ve also been riding it for 6 months.I am currently down to 310 and I am now Buing a little bit better quality bike but this bike was good.

  37. 5 out of 5

    Cane River

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good entry into Fat Biking on a budget

    A budget friendly way to get into Fat Biking but with that being said, this is what you are buying;1. It is a steel frame bike = heavy2. Online big box bike = Some Assembly Required3. Entry level = Will need upgrades over timeMost of the negative reviews I have read ignore all of the above.If you want a better experience with this bike, take it to a bike mechanic for proper assembly. Which will include proper greasing, torquing and adjusting of everything. Some of us DIYers can do this on our own, some can’t.The other option would be to buy a Fatbike at your local shop at a higher price to play, but with less headaches down the road. The choice is yours!I recommend this bike for what it is. A way to get fat tires rumbling down the road at a budget price.

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  38. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice bike but should be packaged more carefully for shipping

    My son loves the bike which is the only reason why it isn’t getting a ding. It’s not the bike’s fault that it was received with numerous deep scratches and a whopper of a dent in the frame. The box, the original from manufacturer box, was used for shipping and probably is only good for one round with a freight company like UPS. It was received with a large rip in it and part of the bike sticking out, but some how I doubt that the dent in the frame was caused by UPS. I noted the box damage with UPS driver & opted to keep it anyway. It was a gift for my son who had been looking forward to getting it so I hoped and prayed nothing was seriously wrong with it. All damage so far seems to be only superficial and no parts were missing, but still, when one pays as much for a bike as I did, you expect it to arrive in new and shiny condition with no major blemishes or dents. I documented all the damaged with photos. My son rode it up the street and back and says it rides very nice and he is very happy to have it, so for that I am thankful. I’m also thankful that he is not a finicky fussbudget & is happy with it in spite of the damages. Hopefully no mechanical damages become apparent after he has a chance to ride it more. The pics I have attached are of the shipping box, a scratch in the paint and the gouge and dent in the frame. There are other scratches not pictured.

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  39. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This bike is the best thing ever!

    I wanted to get one of these for my wife because she likes them. While reading the reviews, someone mentioned this bike is rated for 500 pounds; I was like, Yay! I get to ride one too! So I ordered two of them.They arrived in 3 days, and the assembly was pretty easy.The only thing I had to buy separately was a wide seat for my wife and a wide-noseless seat for myself (I’m a big, big guy, 480+ pounds), so I would recommend you do the same if you’re my size; the seat that comes with it is too thin, uncomfortable, and even painful for a big guy.This bike is a lot of fun; the wheels are so thick the bike looks like a motorcycle. It’s a steel frame, so don’t be afraid to ride it. Just make sure you tighten up all screws very well so you don’t have an accident. Be careful and have fun!!

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  40. 5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exceeds my expectations x10!! FAST shipping, packed nicely, pleasantly surprised!

    I’m so thankful that I ignored the bad reviews and took a chance on this bike! It came in only FOUR DAYS, shocking me two weeks ahead of schedule!! My husby new that I wasn’t expecting it for some time and assembled it while I was at work, hiding it in our laundry room. What a fantastic surprise after reading the “slow shipping” reviews! Four days is anything but slow! He said it took longer to unpack out of all the boxing/packaging than it did to assemble, and it was padded and packaged VERY well.I have ridden it every day (five days now) and it has performed flawlessly, even catching the eye of the fellow “fatty” rider in our wooded neighborhood at one point. The only tweeting that it has needed is some tightening here and there after the first short ride to get it adjusted correctly for me, which I expected. I went back and re-read some of the negative reviews written about this bike and they are clearly bike snobs (it’s obvious), expecting perfection for a cheap price. Also, if you have any basic mechanical knowledge, putting this together and adjusting it is a snap, if not, take it to a fricken bike shop and stop complaining! Ultimately, hands down, this bike is fricken awesome for this girl getting back into riding in various sandy, snow, slush, rock and mud terrain (all of which I’ve done in five days on trails behind my home here in Oregon)… as well as to the around the neighborhood to mingle with the locals and chat at the mailbox. Even though “fatty’s” are becoming more and more common around here, it is still a conversation starter and people love it.

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  41. 3 out of 5

    dalia porcayo

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    The brakes suck

    The brakes sucked and the bike is heavy to pedal around

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  42. 5 out of 5

    Holdingford Richmond

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Plows through snow and slush!

    I live in Minnesota and use this bike to commute a mile or so to work each day on mostly-plowed streets & trails in the winter.I have used it on 3 snowy days of varying temps thus far, and I love it.The first time riding was on a 40-degree day where there was over a foot of snow already melting.It was amazing! I plowed this beast through every pile of snow and slush I could find.I was amazed that I didn’t fall over once!The second ride was in 10 degree F weather, and I took it across an ice rink – not even kidding. It even held up well there! Though it still slipped – nothing like riding my normal 10-speed street bike on ice. This one, even when it slipped, didn’t make me flip or anything – I’d always end up on my feet.The third ride was in -3 degree F temps in the dark and presumably over sometimes icy roads and sidewalks. I felt a slip or two but nothing that caused me to slow down. I’m sure I would have wiped out bad a couple of times had I been on a normal street bike, but this monster just plowed ahead!It’s definitely slower than a summertime street bike – way slower. But I’ve only tried it over snowy streets in cold temps thus far…It was simple to put together – just had to put the handlebars and front wheel on.The disc brakes took a little bit of tweaking – figured out how to do that via the manual & Youtube.I also had to purchase some bike grease, chain lube, and mud guards (in addition to winter biking gear for my eyes and body).It seems like a great buy to me @ $300 (includes tax).

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  43. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not for short people, but seems sturdy!

    I just got the bike today. Easier to put together with two people. Needed to adjust the brakes out of the box. (Watch a YouTube video about disc brakes if you need help)It is a nice looking bike. Sturdy! And that’s coming from a LARGER rider. I’m a 5’8” woman and I find the bike to be a little high. I’m nervous about landing on the crossbar! Ouch!!!If you are a larger person, invest in a wider more cushioned seat. Cloud9 is a good one.It rides a little different than a regular bike. You cannot make sharp turns. Partially bc the wheels are so large and partially bc the handlebars hit my knees.I want to get a few upgrades eventually. For example, a higher handlebar, but I may have to get longer brake/shifter cables. Also, I need to get a new shifter. The twist shifter that comes on it is awful. It gets bumped too much.If you have an knowledge of building bikes, you will find this one to be a breeze.It’s a nice beginners bike for someone who needs the extra support and hasn’t rode a bike in many years! I purchased it for exercise, so I don’t plan on taking it on extreme trail rides.UPDATE: a couple weeks later. I upgraded the handlebars, stem extender, shifter, seat, pedals and cables. It feels so much more comfortable now. I feel like I’m riding in more of a bmx sitting position. I hate leaning over the handlebars, so this set up is much better. Now I just need the weather to warm up! Can’t wait to ride more!

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  44. 4 out of 5

    JM Shoultz

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Decently Priced Starter Bike – Be ready to upgrade parts!!

    Recently got back into riding and wanted to get something cheap for trail riding since I no longer live in a Metro area. Im a bigger guy so I wanted a heavier frame and fat tires. Bike was easy to assemble and after a quick trip to the bike shop for some fine tuning it was ready to go. First thing I noticed are the brakes that come with this bike are terrible. Took forever to stop and the bike shook terribly due to the vibration from brake pads sticking when compressed against the rotors. If you get this bike on the cheap, spend an extra 80 to 100 bucks and get yourself some hydraulic brakes. I found some Shimano MT200 brakes that were compatable with the rotors on this bike. The other thing im not so thrilled about is the grip shifter but its more of a preference than a mechanical issue. Im sure to replace it with a thumb shifter next. Other than that I have no issues with this bike. Ill probably give this one to my son to ride when im ready to pick up another GIANT or Cannondale bike once im back to riding on a regular basis.

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  45. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My first fat tire bike and I love it.

    I love my fat tire bike. I decided on this bike because I needed to excersice my young Odie, he is a rotty/doberman mix and I wasn’t able to expell his excessive energy with walking and fetch alone. So I did some extensive research and came across the sport of bike joring (dry land mushing). But I needed a proper bike to handle all types of terrain, whether it be paved, gravel, grassy, sandy, dirt, snow , or a trail thru the woods. This bike handles wonderfully in it all except snow. The brakes are able to stop my now 75lb Odie at a full run without any problem and I haven’t gone over the handle bars either. We’ve had a few occasions where I had to hard brake to stop and avoid something or in our early days of learning, Odie would get distracted by people walking by, other dogs in their yard, he would suddenly change direction, so I hit the brakes , stopped immediately and we haven’t gotten hurt. Big difference with the disc brakes vs pads. Glad that this bike has disc brakes. The handles bars are wider than most, which gives me more control and balance. I’m glad I made the decision to invest in good equipment for our bike joring adventures. It’s been well worth it and the time spent bonding with my Odie has been PRICELESS.

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  46. 3 out of 5

    Tyler Charles

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Beware that you might need to get bike repaired for perfect bike.

    I bought this bike a month ago ish and the back tire was wobbling side to side and the breaks were weak, i got on trails and held off due to this, so i asked for a replacement and the replacement had the same bad breaks and a slightly less wobbling tier but still had one. your wheel hub should not be moving horizontally, but this bike also had a bad chain and handlebar mount). I liked the fat tire bikes since i had one a few years ago so I went to a bike show and had to pay $280 to fix all the issues the bike had. Nearly half the price of the bike in addition to the price jus to have a good’s perfect now and I fit a few trails already and I love it but if you don’t have another 300 to fix the bike make sure to have it checked out before you plan on really riding the bike.

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  47. 3 out of 5

    Josh Rosner

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good frame, good tires, but….

    I would have given this a much higher rating, but many of the parts that were pre-assembled have worn prematurely or broken. I was riding the bike for the first time. I was on a level road and suddenly the chain snapped. I went to apply the rear brakes and they were successfully stopping at first then the brakes went completely soft. If I wasn’t going faster or wasn’t on a level road, the results could have been much worse. And before you advise that I should have adjusted these things prior to taking it out for a ride, I did just that; I made sure there was sufficient tension on the brake line (not too much, not too little), that the break pads and discs were in good condition, that the chain was in good condition and properly lubricated, and that there was no issue with shifting of gears that would put undo strain on the chain. I have been riding bikes for years and while this is not the worst I have seen out of the box, it is certainly not the best.

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  48. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    2nd purchase – bike didn’t wear out, it was stolen, had to get a replacement

    2nd time purchasing, 1st time I bought one the price was under 200 dollars now it was 350 dollars. Still a good deal but as many reviewers have pointed out, there are those little issues, bent parts, brakes aren’t easy to adjust, improperly put together. This time I took it parts out the box and took them to a bike shop to assembly professionally, but even the professional could not get the rear brakes to work properly. Overall, it’s an awesome frame and bike to build up over time. Great bike for on the sand beach riding!

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  49. 5 out of 5

    Brenna BotsfordBrenna Botsford

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Holy Smokes! This bike is AMAZING!

    I am a really tall, fat old lady who wanted to take up bike riding. Mostly because I live by a bike trail and logging roads and thought it’s such a waste not to get out and explore. Plus I have a dog who loves to run. Which is hard to do if you’re old and fat. So I bought this bike. My husband helped me put it together which took about 45 minutes. I did listen to the reviews and upgraded the seat- twice until I found one comfy for my bum. I did have some trouble adjusting the brakes but finally got it figured out- but will eventually take to the bike shop to have a professional look at it. This bike is a freakin’ beast and I love it. I can ride it on flat trails for miles! I can’t do hills or even small hills but that’s ok. It’s great for logging trails that are flat, flat back roads and the bike trails around our house. We do between 6 and 10 miles a day which isn’t much for others but for us (me and my dog) it’s perfect! I bought this as a beginner bike and will probably upgrade- but it is fantastic!

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  50. 4 out of 5


    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Monster Tires Beasty Pedals

    I’m 5’1 1/2″. I love this bike tho it’s not recommended for my size..I’m rebellious and like big stuff😌😌😌.My only complaint is the pedals were hard to get on and the left ended up stripped. Mongoose had great customer though and replacement parts were shipped immediately.I just have to pay to get it put on😩😩😩😂😂😂

  51. 4 out of 5

    Shannon Lennie

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice bike

    The wheel base was a little short for my height at 6’1”. I do hit my feet on the tire when turning when I purchased the bike the rear tire would not hold air. Had to purchase a tube for it. I tried to get one from Mongoose but they still have not sent the tube. Will update if things change.

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