Mountain Bicycle Reflector Luminous Evening Plate Bicycle 4PCS Reflector Bike Add-ons Electric powered Dust Bike


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(as of Jul 19, 2022 06:12:59 UTC – Facts)

Quantity: 4pcs
02) adaptable bending space
Proportions: .91 * 2.32inch
Increased the approx 10%.
No dynamic imbalance of the wheel.
Superior-grade microprismatic retro- technological innovation
No oscillation or noise.
Body weight: .6 gram each individual
We have altered its versatility in the spoke place.
01) rigid reflective aspect panels
Low profile avoids air drag.
Coloration: Sliver
We have strengthened the adhesive electrical power to make sure even bigger durability even on really thin spokes down to 1.5 mm.
Self-adhering, resource- mounting
03) distinctive adhesive software
4X reflective strip

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