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Best Bicycle Racks 2022

Best Bicycle Racks: It’s no secret that finding the best bicycle racks may make the process of transporting your bike a lot more convenient. Even if you can fit your bike in the back of a pickup truck, you won’t be able to do it in a car’s backseat. Having bike racks on hand is a godsend here.

Your needs will fluctuate based on your collection’s size and number of bicycles. For example, you may “simply put” your bicycle in the back of your pickup or you can get a truck rack for one or two bicycles. Today’s bicycles are very different from the ones we grew up with. New bicycle models can be quite pricey. Because of this, you may not want to simply “throw” it away. It’s also possible to use either a hitch or a roof rack to carry a kayak, canoe, or other equipment.

Bicycle racks are the finest method of transporting your bike without having to dismantle it. Bicycle racks for large automobiles and compact economy cars are also readily available. Bicycle racks that can be adapted to fit any vehicle make it easier to transport your bike and are more secure than older models.

What to Consider When Buying a Bicycle Rack

What to Consider When Buying a Bicycle Rack
What to Consider When Buying a Bicycle Rack

There are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase of bicycle racks. Bicycle racks, like bicycles, may be pricey these days, so it may be a good idea to get one with a lock to deter thieves. Most bicycle racks can be left on your vehicle forever if you frequently take your bike to new locations. It also enhances your image as a sportsman (or woman) and explorer.

Because of this, many people prefer to leave the rack on their vehicle rather than deal with the inconvenience of removing and reinstalling it.

You can choose from a trunk or rear mount, truck rack or a roof rack for a bicycle rack. Using a roof bike rack can be a bit “out of sight, out of mind,” but they perform the job rather effectively, so long as you don’t forget about it as you pull into your garage.

Rear or trunk bicycle racks are the most popular unless the vehicle, such as a hatchback, is too tiny to fit this style of rack. Any distance, no matter how far, bicycle racks are the answer, and we offer the greatest reviews on the most popular brands to help you make your decision.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t sample everything we buy here, but we like to think of ourselves as crazy about what we buy. So we created People’s Choice, a selection of the best-reviewed products that we then repackage to make them even more enticing. In addition to the greatest ellipticals and step machines, treadmills, and exercise bikes, Amazon has listed the best car racks for automobiles, so you can get your workout in while you’re driving.

Also check out our list of the top bikes, helmets, and locks recommended by the pros while you’re here. For the sake of length and clarity, some evaluations have been trimmed.)

Best Trunk Mounted Bike Rack ( Reviews )


“I was torn between this bike rack and a Thule rack that costs three times as much, and I’m very glad I made the purchase. The seven-hour journey on motorways and curvy mountain roads required him to haul two pricey bikes.” It’s a strong and high-quality mount. Despite many rear-end openings, the cover never came away or slipped, and it never harmed or injured my car. I was able to mount my women’s bike without the use of a broad adaptor because the bike was rimmed and there was no bouncing or jiggling. The quality of this bike rack is far superior than what the pricing suggests, and it’s not just a bargain. I can see it’s made well.”

“This is a fantastic bike rack that can be used for a variety of purposes. Superior to the hitch-mounted rack we had previously, which squeaked and shook all over the place. As long as you pack them properly, three motorcycles can fit in this vehicle. On a road trip from Utah to Washington, we utilized it on a Honda Civic. The Subaru Outback, which isn’t allowed to use the product, was no exception. When it’s not in use, it folds up nicely. Love it!

Best Bicycle Racks:

Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
Deluxe 2 Bike

1- Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

For my cross-country trip, I was particularly concerned about acquiring a bike rack.

Because of my recurring nightmares, I was unable to sleep at night. Because I don’t have that type of cash, I took a chance and purchased a low-cost bike rack from a well-known and pricey company like Thule. I’m overjoyed to be alive.

Excerpt from the reviews:

Aside from locking and securing my hardshell bike to a car rack, the rack bike is capable of taking anything I’ve had to ride Pikes Peak in Colorado, across rain-soaked plains and over the Rocky Mountains, in sweltering temperatures and mild climates, in dry and humid conditions, at 90 mph on Utah highways, off-road, in all kinds of weather conditions. And then there’s the wild amusement park. “I’m so relieved that my bike is secure.

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Despite the rack’s strength and reliability, it might cause some people to lose their “peace of mind” if it isn’t built correctly.
  • Thumbs Up It is pre-assembled by Allen Sports, so there is no risk of the consumer making mistakes when putting it together.
  • Thumbs Up Simply follow the directions or watch the video lesson, and it will attach to your vehicle in seconds.
  • Thumbs Up This is a well-built mount that should last for many years without any problems.
  • Thumbs Down In theory, the foam that covers the locations where the mount comes into touch with your car’s paint should keep it safe.
  • Thumbs Down A sock or other soft material might be used to cover the pedals and secure the front wheels with a bungee cord for added protection from road bumps.
  • Thumbs Down For the most part, I’ve had no difficulties with it striking or scratching my vehicle.
  • Thumbs Down Clean your car’s paint where you intend to place the foam to prevent dirt from being lodged in between the foam and your paint.
F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike
F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike

Bungee cables are used to keep the front tire(s) and axle(s) from moving and colliding with your vehicle.

2- F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The family favorite F4 employs strong grade steel tubing and fittings, allowing it to transport up to 4 bikes. An exclusive dual positioning trunk/bumper system offers a bespoke fit on various sedans, SUVs and minivans (Without Spoilers) (Without Spoilers). High strength tie down buckles and straps offer a secure fit for big weights. Comes entirely pre- assembled and folds flat for simple storage.

Excerpt from the reviews:

What a bumpy ride!” With this rack, we transported three bikes from Michigan to Colorado and then back home again. We examined the straps every time we stopped, but there was no need to tighten or adjust them. For our holiday, everything functioned perfectly. Exceptionally sturdy, secure, and simple to install. “It’s a must-have!”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Bike-carrying capacity of four.
  • Thumbs Up Tubing and hardware made of extra-heavy-duty steel.
  • Thumbs Up Allows for a dual-position trunk and bumper system.
  • Thumbs Up Most sedans, SUVs, and minivans can be fitted with this product.without any problems.
  • Thumbs Up Buckles for securing a motorcycle to a vehicle.
  • Thumbs Up Tethering system with built-in strap.
  • Thumbs Up Additional straps on the sides.
  • Thumbs Up Pre-assembled and ready to use.
  • Thumbs Up Easy to store when folded flat.
  • Thumbs Up Glow-in-the-dark safety flag.
  • Thumbs Down When tying down the bikes, care must be taken because it is possible for them to fall off if they are not properly secured.
  • Thumbs Down With a roof rack, you’ll need to have a rear crossbar. The plastic on the top of the door will shatter if you use the top of the door as a hook instead of the rear crossbar. Don’t buy this product if you don’t have a roof rack or a rear crossbar.
  • Thumbs Down Rack will damage your SUV’s bumper if it is made of anything other than steel, making it difficult to install.
  • Thumbs Down Not suitable for all cars.
Saris Bones 2-Bike
Saris Bones 2-Bike

3- Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack

“My finest creation to date! Amazingly well-tailored. Even with the rack attached, the trunk lid of my Infinity G37X opens easily. Astounding! A bike that can be adjusted to fit without being hung at an unnatural angle is made possible by the ‘arms’ that hold it. In addition, the design is superb: It’s unusual for a bike rack to look this well in a car. Everything about this rack, from the rubber feet to the straps, buckles, and hooks, appears to have been carefully thought out by the creators. Congratulations!”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up BEST FIT: Fits 90% of the top-selling vehicles, including those with spoilers.
  • Thumbs Up Any trunk rack on the market has the most car compatibility (3 bikes, 35 lbs each).
  • Thumbs Up VIP TREATMENT: High-quality bike restraints that are simple to use and load.
  • Thumbs Up SLEEK, CLEAN APPEARANCE: Flapping straps are eliminated thanks to integrated strap management.
  • Thumbs Up 100% recyclable materials were used in the construction of this structure.
  • Thumbs Up RUST-FREE AND STRONG: The rack’s injection-molded arms and legs will keep it stable for years to come.
  • Thumbs Up FEATURES: Best-in-class ratchet straps quickly secure bike to rack, strongest frame on the market, and arc–based design divides bikes on various levels..
  • Thumbs Down There are a lot of straps, and each one requires a lot of adjusting to get it to fit your vehicle, and even then it won’t be perfect. The product is poorly designed and potentially dangerous.
  • Thumbs Down Not suitable for all cars.
  • Thumbs Down This bike rack is not for highway travel.
  • Thumbs Down A little difficult to install 3 bikes of different sizes.

4- Racks Sport Rider 4 Bike

The XR200 2-Bike Hitch Rack makes transporting two bicycles on the back of your vehicle a breeze. The XR200 can accommodate a wide range of bicycle designs and sizes thanks to adjustable wheel trays and an easy-to-use frame connection system. To transport bicycles without a normal top tube, the XR200 eliminates the need for an adaptor bar. There is some minor assembly necessary.

Racks Sport Rider 4 Bike
Racks Sport Rider 4 Bike

Excerpt from the reviews:

“Unquestionably the greatest. It’s pricey, but it’s well worth it. This is the most straightforward bike rack I’ve ever seen. My brother-in-law has a motorcycle rack that he uses. Picking out the bikes, making sure we don’t get pinched on the cables, and moving the moving wheels takes a lot of effort. This is the one: Drop it, tighten the straps, secure the bottom adjustable bar, and you’re done! When moving one or two bikes, it’s convenient to be able to remove the additional rack. very neatly put together Here, here, run!

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Padded Upper Frame Connector.
  • Thumbs Up Adjustable Wheel Trays.
  • Thumbs Up Folds Up Against Vehicle.
  • Thumbs Up It’s simple to load Both 1 1/4″ and 2″ receiver hitches are compatible with the 2-bike rack.
  • Thumbs Up Tilts back for easier access to the lift gate.
  • Thumbs Up Folds up for easy storage in the trunk or garage.
  • Thumbs Up Assembling is required.
  • Thumbs Up Items purchased from third-party sellers are not covered by Allen’s warranty.
  • Thumbs Down May not fit all cars. Especially the small and sporty
  • Thumbs Down The bike rack swings, rolls, glides, and vibrates. The hitch fits well with the product…but this straight bar sways back and forth.
  • Thumbs Down Too loose and they want you to drill a hole in your receiver in order to put a screw in.
  • Thumbs Down The straps are weak and difficult to use properly.

5- 2 Bike Hitch Bike Rack

Bike Hitch Bike Rack
Bike Hitch Bike Rack

The Swagman CHINOOK hitch mount bike rack holds two bikes, each weighing up to 45 pounds, and fits most frame sizes, shapes, and styles, including fat bikes (trays offered separately) with tires up to 3 inches wide and wheels 20 to 29 inches in diameter.

When not in use, the rack folds up out of the way and tilts back so you can access your trunk without pulling your bikes off.

“Seek your adventure by riding, paddling, and exploring.”

Founders Jim and Jan Morris had this attitude in mind when they spotted an opportunity to design a better way to carry your bike in the early 1990s. Swagman was one of the first companies to design and commercialize a hitch-mounted bike rack in the globe. Over time, the little bike rack company in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley evolved to encompass a slew of additional groundbreaking designs in the North American bicycle, RV, and automobile sectors.

Excerpt from the reviews:

“All of our cycling pals envious of this bike rack.” We are able to unload and load in a quarter of the time. The bikes are extremely secure on the rack, and the ability to lock both the rack and the bikes is fantastic. It folds into a small profile when attached to the car and is quite simple to install. I wish I had more than five stars to give it. This was genuinely amazing. It’s amazing that the inside can be folded into a low profile and outward to provide access to the rear hatch. This bike is envious by all of our RV cyclists, and they say it will be the next shelf to be purchased. “With this one, you can’t go wrong!”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The CHINOOK hitch mount bike rack comes with simple instructions. You can load and unload the rack to the vehicle in about 2 minutes after it’s mounted.
  • Thumbs Up Bike rack tilts down to enable easy access to the back of the vehicle. Allows you to spend more time and energy bicycling.
  • Thumbs Up SECURITY WITHOUT WORRY: The adjustable locking ratchet hooks secure the frame to the rack, giving you piece of mind.
  • Thumbs Up VERSATILE: Transports up to two bikes with ease and is compatible with a Class 2 or higher hitch receiver, as well as 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitch receivers.
  • Thumbs Up Fits a wide range of frame sizes, shapes, and styles (fits 12″ to 29″ tire sizes). Each bike has a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds. Included is a locking hitch pin.
  • Thumbs Down When you open the adjustment mount that travels up and down, you push a button to move it because the pin lost the end cap or broke off, rendering the unit useless.
  • Thumbs Down A hook attached to a bike frame can rub a bike. It may threaten the integrity of my bike frame.
  • Thumbs Down Bulky and heavy.
  • Thumbs Down a bit complicated.

6- Allen Sports 2-in. Hitch 4-Bike Hitch Racks

Alien Sport Premier Hitch Mounted Bike Rack
Alien Sport Premier Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Class III & IV 2 inch receiver hitches may accommodate up to four bicycles (each weighing up to 140 lbs) using the Allen Sports S545 type. The S545 is equipped with a dual compound Spine Shield, folding carry arms, and a rapid lift-gate access.

Just three bolts are all that are needed to build the S545, and you’ll be on the road in minutes.

In 1967, Dick Allen (shown left) founded Allen Sports in his garage. The company has been dedicated to delivering the highest-quality, easiest-to-use bike racks and bicycle-related products on the market since its inception. Dick, a former aerospace engineer, founded Allen Sports after creating a prototype bike carrier in his own time in his Lincoln, Massachusetts shop. On weekend trips to Cape Cod, the first trunk-mounted bicycle carrier, composed of electrical conduit, metal strapping, and fire hose casings (for padding), was perfected. Allen put his concept to market soon after, and by 1971, his product had gained a national presence.

The family-owned business now has four warehouses around the country, six factories abroad, and sells products in nations such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, and China.

Excerpt from the reviews:

“Awesome! You can’t go wrong with this deal! This bike rack’s remarkable value is hard to believe. Thanks to Allen Sports, I’m able to afford high-quality gear. To begin with, putting this rack together was a breeze and only required the use of two keys. Each and every one of the elements It has a pretty solid feel about it, which is very sturdy for them. A 1-1/2-inch hitch works perfectly with my vehicle. After tightening the screws, the mount remained in place in my knots without the need for any pilot. Everywhere I went, I was able to ride my bike without being bothered! I exerted some force. This shelf can handle 75 mph freeways and bumpy country roads. You can save money by doing it yourself and buying it now so you can start traveling right away!”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Hitch insert fits receiver hitches with a diameter of 2 inches.
  • Thumbs Up Right out of the box, the quick set carry arms “click” into position.
  • Thumbs Up Individually secure and protect bicycles using twin compound tie down cradles and quick set straps.
  • Thumbs Up Lift gate access is made easier with the internal tilt away release.
  • Thumbs Up The lack of wobble bolts prevents the rack from moving inside the hitch.
  • Thumbs Up Items purchased from third-party sellers are not covered by Allen’s warranty.
  • Thumbs Down May not fit all cars
  • Thumbs Down Swing problem.
  • Thumbs Down Rubber bands are not good enough.
  • Thumbs Down Not safe to use on the highway.
  • Thumbs Down There is absolutely no way this rack can hold 4 bikes.
  • Thumbs Down Bicycles are not quick and easy to get on and off the rack.

7- Yakima RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack (4-Bike)

Fork mounts make loading and unloading your bike a breeze, but they do necessitate the removal of the front wheel (which can be stored in your vehicle or on the roof with a wheel fork).

YAKIMA RidgeBack Tilt Away Hitch Bike Rack

Here’s a hitch rack with a lot of options. The UpperHand control lever tilts the rack to make loading and unloading your car a breeze. It also comes with no-hassle ZipStrips to secure your bike, folds flat for simple storage, and is completely constructed right out of the box. 35.00 pound weight limit L 44.00 in. x W 12.00 in. x H 16.00 in. Dimensions: L 44.00 in. x W 12.00 in. x H 16.00 in.

Excerpt from the reviews:

“I absolutely adore this hitch bike rack. This is rock sturdy! During my four-day bike tour, the hitch reaches easily, locks, and never veers. I think the tilt option for reaching my Highlander is a great concept. “Place three on your bike.”

Ratchet clamps are extremely quick and secure your bike on motorways and in high gusts. It was well worth the money to keep my motorcycles and SUVs safe and worry-free.”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Ingenious design: The upperhand lever tilts the rack down for convenient access to the back of your car and folds flat for storage.
  • Thumbs Up Durable, secure, and stable: Zero-hassle ZipStrips are totally removable and secure the bikes to the rack. Bike-to-bike contact is minimized because to the anti-sway cradle design.
  • Thumbs Up Installation is simple and does not require the use of any tools. The SpeedKnob tightens and latches the rack to your automobile quickly; Completely constructed; simple 5-minute installation.
  • Thumbs Up Easy to store: It folds flat for easy storage and requires a 1-1/4″ or 2″ hitch receiver.
  • Thumbs Up Yakima’s iconic bottle opener allows you to enjoy a cold one after a long ride.
  • Thumbs Down If the distance between the center of the hitch pin hole and the center of the hitch pin hole is less than or equal to 10.5 inches, it will fit. The bike rack will hit the frame if the distance is greater than 10.5 inches before it is properly installed.
  • Thumbs Down It is not recommended to use it quickly.
  • Thumbs Down There is absolutely no way to fit 4 bikes on this rack.
  • Thumbs Down The handle is made of plastic.

Best Bike racks For Cars Roof

1- Bike Carrier for Roof Racks, 1 Bike, YAKIMA – FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount

YAKIMA  FrontLoader Wheel On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks 1 Bike Capacity

Fork mounts make loading and unloading your bike simple (which can be stored in your vehicle or on the roof with a wheel fork).

Cars with our most adaptable and aerodynamic bike mount will impress your friends. No wheel removal required. The versatile mounting system works with almost any crossbar. 1 bike, max 40 lbs at 18″ crossbar spread, max 30 lbs at 16″ crossbar spread. 13.00 pounds Dimensions: 56.00 x 7.00 x 7.50

It is possible that actual product package and materials contain more information. We advise you to always read labels, warnings, and directions before using any product.

Excerpt from the reviews:

“These are amazing. I was satisfied with the product’s quality, the shelf’s labeling, the instructions, and the overall design. Unboxing, setup, and initial use were excellent. I wish every product is like this.”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Any bike can be carried: Fits a wide range of bikes, including disc brakes, through axles, and full suspension; Fits 20″ to 29″ wheels with 3″ tires.
  • Thumbs Up Easy loading: Place your bike on this wheel-on mount completely constructed; FrontLoader will keep your bike upright while you secure it.
  • Thumbs Up Roof rack is mandatory: Fits Yakima round, square, factory, or aerodynamic crossbars; crossbar spread must be between 16″ and 48″; Fully constructed and ready to use right out of the box, with no tools required for setup.
  • Thumbs Up FrontLoader holds the bike by the front and rear wheels, avoiding frame contact. It’s a terrific alternative for carbon fiber and custom paint treatments because there’s no frame contact.
  • Thumbs Up Keep your gear safe: To lock your bike to the mount and the mount to the base rack, 2 SKS (Same Key System) locks (available separately) can be added.
  • Thumbs Down Bicycle lock is not secure enough.
  • Thumbs Down Difficulty putting a bike on the roof of the car.
  • Thumbs Down Not safe to use on the highway.
  • Thumbs Down The manual is not clear how to use it.
Roof Bike Rack Thule ProRide XT
Roof Bike Rack Thule ProRide XT

2- Roof Bike Rack Thule ProRide XT

In addition to being a universal upright bike rack, the Thule ProRide XT also has a quick-release system for easy removal. The torque limitation dial on this rooftop bike rack, which is engaged while tightening the soft claw pads, provides a clear indication of appropriate mounting. The wheel holders, which are cleverly built with diagonal straps, provide additional stability while in transit. You may easily swap the carrier from one side of the vehicle to the other without the use of any additional tools. This top-of-car bike carrier is compatible with all Thule rack systems as well as most factory racks, and it can accommodate bikes weighing up to 44 pounds.

Excerpt from the reviews:

“I really like this shelf. Making it as simple as possible to get a bike on a surface is one of its main benefits. I absolutely do not want to remove a wheel from my vehicle. The side lever makes it very simple to lock the front wheel in place. Simplest method is to place the bike in the mount with its arm resting against the windshield, then rotate the arm over the frame and draw it down to secure the bike. “It’s perfect for zombies such as me.”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up 1 bike universal upright bike rack
  • Thumbs Up The force going into the bike frame is controlled by a quick and secure installation dial.
  • Thumbs Up Soft claw pads conform to the shape of your bike’s frame, reducing the danger of damage.
  • Thumbs Up As you secure your bike, the frame holder and wheel tray automatically place it.
  • Thumbs Up Diagonal fast release straps keep wheel holders firmly in place.
  • Thumbs Up Switch the carrier from one side of the vehicle to the other with ease.
  • Thumbs Up Secure the bike to the carrier and the carrier to the vehicle (locks sold separate).
  • Thumbs Up All Thule rack systems and most factory racks are compatible.
  • Thumbs Down There is only one roof rack lock and one to lock the arm that holds the bike.
  • Thumbs Down Not safe to use on the highway.
  • Thumbs Down The manual is not clear how to use it.

3- TieRod RockyMounts

TieRod RockyMounts
TieRod RockyMounts

The TieRod is a low-profile, elegant, and durable bike rack that can handle anything from Moab dirt to Colorado blizzards. The TieRod is the go-to solution for all factory crossbars since it’s versatile and simple to install. The TieRod is available in a variety of colors, including black, silver, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, white, and pink.

Excerpt from the reviews:

“This stuff is fantastic, and I can’t say enough positive things about it. Since 2004, I’ve been utilizing RockyMounts products and have never been disappointed. This is a great bike rack that is well-engineered and comes at a great price. Thousands of highways have been added to RockyMounts by me. You can safely transport both road and mountain bikes. Bike transport on top of a car is, in my opinion, the ideal technique to transport a bike. There are no dents on the automobile, and there are no dents on the bike. At this price, you should definitely get two!”

Pros and cons

  • Thumbs Up Carries one bike weighing up to 35 pounds.
  • Thumbs Up Carry road tires up to 2. 7″ wide mountain bike tires in 20″ to 29″ diameters.
  • Thumbs Up Wheelbases ranging from 34″ to 48″ are compatible.
  • Thumbs Up For normal quick release bikes, a locking 9mm QR is available.
  • Thumbs Up Acura, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota all have stainless steel mounting straps that wrap around the factory or elliptical crossbars. (*compatibility with Thule WingBar Evo).
  • Thumbs Down Lock cores are available for purchase separately.
  • Thumbs Down Each rack will require two lock cores: one to secure your bike to the rack and the other to secure the rack to your vehicle.
  • Thumbs Down The lockable long skewer can be deflected when there is enough force.

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