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Freerider Pro Review 2022

Freerider Pro Review: When it comes to shoes, there are plenty of different options on the market. But if you’re looking for a shoe that can handle all kinds of terrain and provide great grip, then the Freerider Pro is a great option. This shoe is designed for mountain biking and has a number of features that make it ideal for the sport. 

Freerider Pro Review
Freerider Pro Review

Freerider Pro Review: Pros 

The pros of these Freerider shoes are that they are weatherproof and super easy to clean. All that you need is soap, water and a brush, and you can just brush and scrub them down. Because the majority of the shoe is made of a plastic material, there is literally zero dry time.

You can basically scrub these shoes down and put them straight on and go for a ride.The proof is in the riding and bad weather with these shoes.

There is some water that gets inside these shoes, and that gets in through these little vent holes here around your ankle area over there, and yeah, through the tongue, but the shoe itself doesn’t get waterlogged and it’s not weighed down.

If these shoes are warm and once they’ve worn in, these things stick to your pedals like poo on a blanket, so you get maximum grip on your pedals with these shoes.

This white space on the Freerider pros cushioning is a lot more impact resistant compared to the previous generation of freeriders, meaning that if you do manage to impact hard on your pedals, you’ll feel it a lot less with these shoes because, firstly, they’ve got the stuffed sole, and secondly, they’ve got this layer of foam right here which is impact absorbing and it absorbs a bit of the trail feedback that you get through your pedals.

It just takes off that edge and a lot of the buzz that goes through your pedals while you’re riding on the rough stuff. As you know, not everything in my product reviews is rosy, and there are a few drawbacks to owning these shoes; let’s get into those drawbacks because those are the juicy bits.

  • Flat pedal mountain bike shoes with an impact resistant toe box
  • Pedal-gripping rubber: Stealth S1 Dotty rubber outsole is size-specific for maximum grip on and off the pedal.
  • Impact-resistant toe box: Urethane reinforced toe box adds impact resistance.
  • Quick-drying upper: Synthetic upper offers quick-drying convenience.
  • Recycled content: This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to end plastic waste.
Freerider Pro Pros 
Freerider Pro Pros 

Freerider Pro Review: Cons

First and foremost, these shoes are not as breathable as the standard food riders, so if you’re looking for a more breathable shoe, go for the standard few riders, not these, because they do get hot and don’t ventilate as well as the standard few riders do. Also, if you have a wider foot, you might be cramped with these shoes because of the narrow profile.

  • Price: Buy now from Amazon $85.00 – $259.45


To summarize the article, if you want more protection, a stiffer sole that is less likely to cause cramping in your feet, more weatherproofing, more waterproofing, and a warmer shoe, the Freerider pros are the ones to get. I will see you in the next few articles.

Freerider Pro Review

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