Best BMX Bike Parts: Know Your BMX Bike Parts 2022

BMX Bike Parts: It is very common for new BMX riders to start out by purchasing a complete BMX bike, but over time they will start to customize. Often, starting with axel pegs if free-styling, then onto forks, wheels, and brakes. The following guide offers a basic introduction to the initial BMX part choices you may have to make depending on the type of BMX riding you will be doing. But what is the frame? How does it work? Let’s get to know everything about it.

The Frame

The frame bicycle

BMX frames are made from chromoly steel or aluminum, with titanium, magnesium, and some plastic compounds used in different parts of the frame.

Frames in lower-end bikes are also made of high-tensile steel.The BMX frame is composed of two vertical tubes, the “seat tube” in the center, and the “head tube” at the front. The pedals attach through the “bottom bracket” at the bottom of the seat tube. 

These vertical tubes are connected by six horizontal tubes: two between the head tube and the seat tube, called the “top tube” and the “down tube”, and two on each side of the seat tube that hold the rear tire, called “chain stay” on the bottom and “seat stay” at the top.

The forks

The forks bike

The forks go through the head tube vertically, containing the “steering tube” and holding the front tire in place with 3/8″ or 14mm “dropouts”, or slots for the axle. 

The handlebars are attached to the top of the steering tube. Handlebars come in one, two, or four pieces, with the two-piece handlebars being the most common. Holes in the head tube are for attaching the “gyro,” a device that keeps the cables from tangling.


Wheels bicycles

Depending on the type of BMX riding you do, it can have a great influence on the style of wheels you need. For example, in BMX racing, the start is everything as you will need a great amount of acceleration. In this case, 32-spoke lightweight aluminum wheels are best. These racing wheels, however, will not stand up to the pounding they will get if you intend to dirt jump or even freestyle.

A freestyle BMX bike normally has 48-spoke or “mag” BMX wheels. This ensures that the bike can withstand stunts and tricks. Dirt bikes, however, have a little more variety depending on the type of jumps and dirt racing involved. If there will be a lot of racing, the wheels will be 48-spoke, similar to the Freestyle bike, otherwise the wheels will be 36 13-gauge spokes.

BMX tires do not tend to be interchangeable with each other, so make note of the tire and rim sizes before you make a purchase.


Although you will find a wide range of BMX tires on offer, they can be generally categorized into Freestyle and Dirt. Freestyle tires are primarily designed for indoor and pavement surfaces, so they will be much slicker to get that all important grip. 

Dirt tires are designed for maximum traction for better acceleration over hard-packed trails. Better quality tires are inflated to higher pressures, decreasing deflection when the tire sidewalls are placed under maximum stress during jump landings.

Tires Bicycle
Tires Bicycle

Handle Bars

The handle bars on a freestyle and jump BMX bike will often tend to rise at a steeper angle than on BMX racing bikes so that the rider can better perform stunts and tricks.

Handle Bars
Handle Bars


Freestyle BMX bikes normally have front and rear u-brakes where the front cable is often routed through a “detangler” so that the handlebars can be spun. There is a significant difference between Freestyle u-brakes and linear brakes found on BMX race bikes and BMX dirt jumpers.

The bike’s u-brakes do not have the stopping power of linear brakes, but they do offer more control. BMX racing and BMX dirt jumping bikes usually only come equipped with rear linear brakes, which operate in a more on-off fashion.

Brakes bike
Brakes bike


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Know Your BMX Bike Parts

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