Fiido M1 Review in 2022

Fiido M1 Review: This is my long-term review of the Fido m1 pro, a fat-tired e-bike with a 500-watt motor, dual suspension, and a top speed of nearly 50 kilometers per hour. Let’s take a look at the key features. I will be talking about what I liked and what I didn’t like about the bike and if it is still worth buying in 2022.

Even though this is not a fresh review as the M1 Pro has been out for a while, let’s do a quick unboxing. The bike comes in quite a huge box and it is packed very well with plenty of padding and it will take a ride without any scratches or any other damage.

I got it from the Futura Ride shop and it currently retails for over 1100 USD. If you are interested, check out the video description for the latest prices and discount codes The M1 pro comes almost fully assembled.

All I had to do was mount the front wheel, which took just a few minutes, and attach the seat post. Besides the wheel and the seat post, you can find a set of mod cards, a charger, all the tools, and some paperwork Once you first see this bike, you might get the impression that the tires are taken from a motorcycle, and that may be true.

Fiido M1 Review
Fiido M1 Review


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good range and speed
  • Built-in LCD display, headlight, and taillight


  • Some users have reported issues with the battery, motor, and LCD display

Once you first see it, you may think that the M1 Pro weighs about 50 kilos or more. However, it weighs 32 kilograms with a battery, which is lighter than you expect, but it is still very heavy, meaning that if you live in an apartment without an elevator, it won’t be easy to carry it Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the height of it. On the other hand, I found the height to be just fine for me.

Fiido M1: Design

The saddle, which I found to be pretty comfortable and soft to sit on, can be adjusted to your needs The bike computer is very basic and it shows you information like real-time speed, battery level, and it allows you to choose from three power modes. Obviously, I use the bike in its third most powerful mode pretty much all the time. For instance, it would have been nice if the m1 pro had a more advanced bike computer like, for instance, the ada20f. We have disc brakes on both wheels, and at the front one has an adjustable abs system.

I found the brakes to be highly effective out of the box, as I didn’t need to adjust anything. I didn’t measure the exact braking distance, but I always have peace of mind that the bike will stop fast when needed. The combination of front and rear suspension works great in practice, and I see a noticeable difference compared to single suspension systems. For example, like the one found on the Aedo a20f, the m1 pro is significantly softer and smoother.

It may sound weird, but having two points of suspension makes me want to go over uneven terrain rather than avoid it Naturally, fat and juicy tires add to the soft riding experience.

Shifting between gears is smooth and that is thanks to the high-quality Shimano system. If you like riding at night, the front light is reasonably bright and you can adjust the angle of it. Unfortunately, there is no electric rear light, which is one of the shortcomings of this bike. In the retail box, you get a basic reflector. I highly recommend you use an electric rear light for safety The electric horn is pretty loud.

Design Fiido M1
Design Fiido M1

Fiido M1: Performance

Here is a quick audio test The 500 watt motor on this bike is undoubtedly my favorite feature; combined with a removable 48 volt battery, it ensures great torque for climbing capabilities and, of course, speed.

Fiido M1 Performance
Fiido M1 Performance

Once you start riding the bike and press the throttle, the speed increases quickly thanks to powerful torque. On a side note, if you intend to ride the M1 Pro on city roads, I recommend purchasing rear view mirrors because the tires are quite noisy and you can’t really hear the cars behind you.

On the other hand, this isn’t going to be an issue if you don’t intend to ride the bike on the road, as this is more of an off-road bike after all. In other words, it lives up to its pro name.

The bike is weatherproof, and I tested it in the rain and on snow, and it still works perfectly.

However, the manufacturer does not recommend riding it in the rain for safety reasons. Overall, the riding experience is great and probably the most enjoyable I’ve had on any e-bike yet.

The combination of speed, suspension sue, and sheer power makes it worth having a big and heavy bike like this compared to tiny e-bikes that can be used only on asphalt and in good weather conditions.

When it comes to the battery, you can easily remove it and charge it with the supplied power adapter, which takes about 9 hours Fido advertised the m1 pro as a 130-kilometer bike, but that is under ideal conditions, and battery life always depends on your riding style.

I could get about 80 or 90 kilometers on a single charge, but keep in mind that I mostly use the m1 pro in full electric mode.

To be honest, once you have 500 watts of power, you kind of want to use this bike like a motorcycle and don’t really want to pedal manually.


Fiido M1 is a good e-bike overall, but it’s not perfect. If you’re looking for an e-bike with great range and speed, the Fiido M1 is a good option. However, if you’re looking for an e-bike without any flaws, you might want to look elsewhere. What do you think of the M1 pro? Would you buy this e-bike or choose another option in 2023?

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