Speed Cycling: Easy Tips for Faster Cycling

Speed Cycling: Good cycling training programs should be targeted and crafted to improve specific areas of your cycling performance, whether it is speed or endurance. At the end of this article, I will share with you links to articles on specific cycling training programs that will help you to improve both your cycling speed and cycling endurance.

In this article, I will share with you 4 fundamental elements that you should consider before you start your cycling training. Before we look into this 4 facts, it is important that before you undertake any cycling training program, you should check with your doctor if you have been ill or are over 40 years old to see if any of the training is fit for you.

It is good to understand your body, you should never overdo any cycling exercise, as it could be harmful for your body.  However, do not worry so much, this is because in all the cycling exercises that you will find in this blog, I will give you suggestions on how to adapt any cycling exercise to your bodys fitness level. But it is always important to see your doctor depending on your current fitness level or if you have been ill for a while or are over 40 years old.

Speed Cycling
Speed Cycling


You should determine how much time you have available that you can spare for your cycling training. This is important as you will be able to establish accurately how you can fit any cycling training plan to your schedule.

Intensity of your training

Some cycling training programs may not fit your bodys fitness levels appropriately. This makes it important to understand how much of a cycling training plan you can handle at the time. For example, if a training plan requires you to ride at intervals of 30 minutes but you feel that they are to hard on your body, you can start by reducing the interval time to 10 minutes to suit your body well.

You should increase the intensity of your training gradually, as you get more comfortable and fit.

Reason for your training

The reason why you are training is important. If you are training for a professional race, you may need to allocate more time and look for cycling workouts that will help you to build your all round cycling fitness.

However, if you are training so as to have just fun when riding, do not be so strict on your training as you may lose the fun in cycling and miss the whole point of your cycling. Train when you feel motivated and do not make it a burden. However, this does not mean that you should not take your training seriously, being more fit will make your riding more enjoyable and easier.

Tracking your progress

When you want to know whether you are improving there are 3 areas you can check:

– Are you riding much faster?

– Are you recovering better after a ride?

– Are you finding it much easier to ride over the same elevated routes?

Answering this questions after undertaking cycling training programs will help you to know how far you have improved.

Cycling Training Programs:

Now, if you are looking for specific cycling training programs to improve your cycling performance, Here are the 5 steps in this cycling workout that will help you to boost your cycling speed:

1- To start off you will need to warm up

This is vital so as to ensure that your body is in a good condition (that is, not cold) to train without posing the risk of an injury. To warm up, run around at a slow pace or even jog on the spot. Please dont skip this step.

2- Set your gear at a relatively high gear

Then to start training, get on your bike and then set your bike gear to a relatively high gear. This is so as to make sure that you put some pressure on your muscles when riding. Also do not set it too high if youre not used too riding at such a high gear and also not too low, as it will not help you improve your fitness fast enough. Set it at a moderately high level.

3- Ride at a fast pace for a set time

In this cycling workout, you are going to be cycling for a short period of time, for example, for sets of 20 seconds at fast pace. Dont worry about how fast you ride just ride at a fast speed, but also not too fast that you get extremely worn out and could hurt your body.

4- Pedal lightly and slowly after a set

After riding for 20 seconds slowdown, while still pedaling easily, in order that you maybe able to regain your breath, and then repeat this process. Slowdown for approximately for 10 seconds.

After the 10 seconds of resting, repeat this process for 8 10 times. Riding fast and then slowly so as to rest.

This is a good cycling exercise and it will help you to improve your fitness and also oxygen uptake levels. Ultimately, your cycling speed will improve. Do this cycling workout around 3 times a week consistently.

Remember that consistency is key in all cycling workouts.

All the best with your cycling training.


Speed cycling is a great way to improve your cycling speed. By practicing at a faster pace, you can quickly increase your cycling speed. Remember to always use caution and ride safely when practicing speed cycling. Have fun and enjoy the increased speed!

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