Aegis: What is Aegis

What is Aegis

What is Aegis? In 1973, the Rossignol Ski Corporation employed AEGIS company’s engineers to manage their tennis racquet division in Van Buren, Maine. Over the next decade, the AEGIS team perfected the fine art of producing complex composite structures. Tennis legend, Mats Wilander, won many tournaments using racquets developed and manufactured at the AEGIS Van … Read more

Aegis Handmade Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Carbon Fiber Bicycle: Carbon road bikes are frequently derided as being prohibitively expensive, insufficiently strong, and likely to have been produced in an Asian sweatshop. Let’s take a closer look at these difficulties. We could go on and on about how much they cost. A lot of people think that it’s a little too high, … Read more